Families and gold panners evicted in ZPF Midlands retribution

via Families and gold panners evicted in ZPF Midlands retribution | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda

Dozens of families that had been settled by ZANU PF in the midlands province are currently living by the roadside, after they were allegedly evicted two weeks ago when election results were announced.

It has also been reported that hundreds of formerly unemployed youth from Gokwe, who had been given gold-panning licenses before the election, had their licenses revoked just after the election and are now banned from the area. The panning operations have been taken over by ZANU PF chefs.

These acts of post-election retribution were reported by Costin Muguti, the MDC-T Provincial Chairman for the Midlands. The targeted areas include Gokwe, Zhombe, and the Mbizo and Sherwood districts of Kwekwe.

Muguti told SW Radio Africa that ZANU PF settled many families in an area called paRaja about two years ago, which was undeveloped land under the Forestry Commission. They had built permanent homes and were growing crops since then, but now find themselves with all their belongings, by the roadside.

“ZANU PF even put two extra polling stations there for this election, in order to accommodate all the people they had resettled in the area. I guess they were not pleased with the election results so they were told it was illegal to settle there,” Muguti explained.

As for the gold panners, Muguti said many unemployed youths from Gokwe were given licenses by ZANU PF as a way to gain support in the Midlands. But the licenses were revoked after the elections and it is alleged that Emmerson Mnangagwa and another ZANU PF chef, Chikumba, now control the panning.

“It was done just for the purpose to get youths for the elections but now it is greed that has taken over. They realised let’s take the wealth since it is lucrative,” Muguti said.

Traditional leaders have also been targeted since the July 31st elections ended. Muguti said Chief Nyenyunga summoned six Sabhukus to his homestead and had them sit in the hot sun all day, accusing them of supporting the MDC-T.

They were fined $50, plus a goat each, which they have so far refused to pay. According to Muguti, their monthly allowance of $25 from government was also taken by the chief directly from the district council.

Muguti said many people, suspected of supporting the MDC-T, are being “sidelined” by ZANU PF agents, in acts of retribution that began soon after the elections. Villagers are being denied food and other donated resources that are supposed to benefit everyone, regardless of their political affiliation



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    tanyara muchatiguta 9 years ago

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    We gave you t-shirts put them on and caps to prevent sun burns land is for us chefs,mamama

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    How do you expect to benefit from the ruling party when you support the Opposition?