Former Cabinet Minister Kumbirai Kangai Dies

via Former Cabinet Minister Kumbirai Kangai Dies by Gibbs Dube, VOA Zimbabwe Zanu PF Politburo member and former cabinet minister, Kumbirai Kangai, has died.

Zanu PF spokesman, Rugare Gumbo, confirmed the death saying that the 75 year-old former cabinet minister suffered a heart attack Saturday morning soon after admission at Corporate 24 Clinic in Harare.

Mr. Gumbo described the death as a sad loss to all Zimbabweans as he said the late Kangai participated in the 1970s liberation struggle to free the country from British rule.

“It’s a dark week for us here is Zimbabwe. We lost a veteran nationalist Enos Nkala who passed away on Wednesday and we lost one of our young fighters Air Commodore Karakadzai who passed away on Tuesday and then today we lost one of the gallant fighters of the struggle Kumbirai Kangai.

“So, it’s a big blow to us but the struggle continues. Kangai contributed enormously to the liberation of Zimbabwe. I was with him in America and Zambia. We were members of the Dare reChimurenga (supreme war council).”

Mr. Gumbo further said, “We masterminded the liberation of this country through a guerilla warfare. He made enormous contributions during the war and after the liberation struggle when he became minister of agriculture and minister of labour.”

He noted that the late veteran politician “made his mark and left a legacy of a true son of Zimbabwe.”

Mr. Kangai was tried and acquitted of graft charges following allegations that he converted to his own use large quantities of state maize supplies at the peak of a drought in the 1980s.

His two colleagues, Zanu PF founding member and former Defence and Home Affairs Minister, Nkala, and freedom fighter Retired Air Commodore Karakadzai, were last night declared national heroes by the ruling party’s Politburo.

Karakadzai died in a car crash on his way to the country’s second largest city, Bulawayo, while Nkala died at a private clinic in Harare.

According to Gumbo, Karakadzai will be laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre on Sunday and Nkala next week Thursday.

He said national hero status was bestowed on the two in recognition of the role they played during the liberation struggle.



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    chakaurayaani@gmail,com 9 years ago

    Ngaende ngaende, munhu uyu idhodhi….singing time to go old crooks ,God is on the side of the weak.Tried and acquitted for stealing maize by who? Chembere yeBikita yati usavhare gedhe kuheroes acre

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    Hango Yapalala 9 years ago


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    maidmarion 9 years ago

    What struggle are we talking about? The struggle ‘against’ democracy. Surely it is time for ZPF to leave all this war talk behind. The war ended in 1980 for goodness sake. Us Zimbabweans are truly tired of all this. Most people just want an accountable government which seems nigh impossible and a stable economy. Where has reason gone to???

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    REALIST 9 years ago

    Completely agree with you Maidmarion. Its because Zanu PF don’t know anything else besides fighting so they have to continuously draw on what they know and can do best. Problem is that they forgot the war ended 33 years ago and they unfortunately now have to fight poor Zimbabweans and other progressive forces. These are all old geriatrics who should have retired ages ago.

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    jv chin 9 years ago


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    Collin Mackenzie 9 years ago

    This is how low people can go to the extent, that you do not respect the dead

    Most of all the silly and un African comments are from the born frees and white British imperialist

    I agre, I agree what do you agree with
    Mr John Steele.

    The war talk is what brought us here and should never be forgotten
    Why should still keeping talking of
    David Livingstone.

    Zimbabweans stop being so personal to the extent you loss the value of life and Africanism and adopting stupid Western values

    Will all die one day how and when only God knows.

    For those who feel they is a need to discredit our Hero’s must to die and hang.
    When a hero dies a new hero is born.

    Respect the dead even the bible says who
    This is to all those you agree or post negative things about the dead forgetting they to family, and some cases are never part of your negative rant on the loved ones

    I say to you all may the good lord of the African bible bless you.

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      We only have ONE GOD ONE BIBLE. I have never heard that of african Bible.

      • comment-avatar
        Collin Mackenzie 9 years ago

        Totom,you must read the Bible in a an African language maybe in shona or Nebelele, and only then you will know of the African Bible and not the
        David livingstone.

        Tomtom the very varied selectivity that is used an outdated ha no link to the current economic situation or events in Zimbabwe

        False and fake farming of followers and stealing the diamonds that are all draped on the Queens crown.

        I think that you should that Zimbabwe will never ever go back to the past eara of
        Ian Smith, the goat eyed man.

        If God is white I don’t what to know or even pray to him then his a slave master.

        God is Black is black man an his African period, take that or leave it
        So much appreciated if you would like to create your oh God go ahead
        My God is Black and not white and my God dislikes white backward and racist whites with an imperialistic mind set
        Tomtom give up son Mugabe had made his mark good or bad in your eyes, its time you make yours and not just stop smoking what you smoking.

        The Zimbabwean of today is not the sameone of yesterday.

        The yes Baas,yes Bass no real true Zimbabwean what’s to work for a white dude
        Instead white dudes are working for Zimbabweans
        And that kills the hell outa them hence the hate for Mugabe.

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          Zambezi 9 years ago

          Wow, guess you are not a product of the Zimbabwean education system. Well the one that Mugabe inherited anyway. Maybe you finished school a year ago, hence your “perfect” spelling and grammer. Zimbo’s were know for their high education standards. All your Marange diamonds are going into MAD BOB’s and his cronies pockets, they are not even helping the Zimbo’s. Who is mining the diamonds….? Not Zimbo’s but the Chinese….. Wake up and smell the coffeee shamwari…..

        • comment-avatar
          dubbozimbo 7 years ago

          Seriously dude you are deranged. Enjoy you free Zimbabwe. Try to say something against Zanu…..then see how free you are.

    • comment-avatar
      Kevin Watson 9 years ago

      Respect is earned and not given CIO troll, David Livingstone is respected because he with the assistence of the Scottish Missionary Society did much to rid East Africa and Malawi of the scourge of slavery. Kumbirai Kangi was just a crook hiding out in Zanu PF.

      • comment-avatar
        Collin Mackenzie 9 years ago

        Kevin which Cio messed you mind up and why you must of been up to no good.
        What about the CIA and FBI

        Kevin did David livingstone discover the Victoria Falls
        Yes or No and which slavery did they get rid of yet they took and sold blacks to work in the cotton fields in America the cotton that was usef to print that very same US dollar that is printed on cotton and by black power of our forefathers and hence that dollar must go back to Obama land
        That is devil’s money and the devil is so so white and British mixed with American blood heeeehee

    • comment-avatar
      adam jones 9 years ago

      Collin, zanu pf are killers themselves. why should anybody respect they when they die? we, infact, cellebrate. one down – and this week it was three down. mwari anesu.

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    Bingo Wajakata 9 years ago

    Good riddance to to these idiots, they contributed to making the lives of Zimbabweans a living nightmare. My wish is that die after celebrating the death and of burial of Mugabe!

  • comment-avatar
    jongwe power 9 years ago

    “Another Zanu-PF Chef died of natural causes. We are one step closer to freedom. Hur hur hurrrr!”

    You guys do realise that Zanu-PF recruits plenty of youths to keep the party running at full strength, right? Think of it as the legengary Hydra. Even with rumours of factionalism, all “heads” are still attached to the same body.

  • comment-avatar
    Leon Gushaz 9 years ago

    I completely agree with all right-minded people who want to get on with better life for Zimbabwe than singing 33-year ago war!
    Margaret Thatcher fought the Falkland Islands war…..did that make her a hero on her death ….no no no mapurisa akatonyimwa time-off because vanhu vaifara! Ndizvo zvichaitwa sekuru ivava

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    It’s not a dark week for Zimbabweans its a dark week for foolish people.dust to dust anditi urimwana wevhu go and tonga ivhu rakumirira manje.go an meet your fellow colleagues .nxaaaaaaa satsha thina Mari yese yakuperera kutenga ma coffin enyu ,instead of ku investor in better business ,what you know it’s to kill better go man .no good comment nemabasa enyu shame.

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 9 years ago

    Another corrupt zanupf individual bites the dust. But what is this continued struggle Gumbo is on about, with whom, with what ? Having been handed a thriving country on a plate and having wrecked it, any “struggle” is self inflicted.

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    eztechplc 9 years ago

    Wafawanaka veduwe….Zorora murugare Kumbirai……unatambira Sekuru pavanouya gore rinouya ne heart attack yekuoma kenyika yeZimbabwe……zororai murugare…..vaKangai

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    gukurahundi (GNB/jukwa) 9 years ago

    ifai imbwa dzevanhu..God bless e poor and powerless and voiceless zimboz

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    Marange son 9 years ago

    What really killed Karakadzai? Karakadzai comes from CHiiyadzwa Marange .Is it the fight for diamonds since only people outside Manicaland are benefiting. Did he voice this ?

  • comment-avatar
    Jongwe 9 years ago

    Collin, whatever you say, however you say it, the die has been cast. No amount of ranting will ever change history. Zanu stands for total failure. Zanu negatively altered the course of Zimbabwe from a bread basket of Africa to a basket case of Africa. Notwithstanding the fact that Zanu raided and took possession of fully equipped farms they still failed to utilize dismally.If that doesn,t say anything to you, then you need to have your mind examined.

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    Simon Collins 9 years ago

    What is this journalist on? The 1970s liberation struggle, if you want to call it that, was not against British rule, but against Rhodesian rule. The UK had no part in the 1965 – 1980 government.

  • comment-avatar
    Zimbabweans 9 years ago

    People please forgive Collin Mackenzie. I think he needs our prayers. It appears he has a job to do. I pity him. In my opinion, no amount of education will change him and his cronies. Twisting facts about liberation and colonialism inorder to oppress people. May God be the judge between Zimbabweans and their oppressors.

  • comment-avatar
    Collin Mackenzie 9 years ago

    Forgive me for saying what I feel. Is that a problem.

    Writing we’ll putting we’ll constructed headlines and untrue propaganda stuff makes you educated.
    Well for us the uneducated men and women with very little knowledge of the English dictionary.

    Zambezi, it is the content that matters and not the spelling or grammar

    Please convince me the uneducated regarding the so called opportunities and the land issue and how the MDC will make a difference and stop this talk talk about Mugabe this Mugabe that”””

    MDC foke like to deal with petty issues and lie prove to to vote rigging stop backing of if you have hard core facts please show the uneducated and stop crying foul use this platform to communicate the facts and truth and lets judge for our and stop telling us what you want us to know.

    MDC personal have been dying left right and centre and who in his right mind rejoices the death of someone, unless you mad and have a twisted mind like yours I differ with you but if hear you have passed on I will humble myself.

    If you have nothing good to say you rather say nothing,talk about how the way you take Zimbabwe forward rather than create more negative story lines hence my hostile approach to your posts and comments.

    Zambezi with your good English and grammar an fake tone what have achieved in life to date.

    Even if one has to visit your house and see you cannot even maintain your own bedroom yet alone the grass and lawns and you need Mugabe to do that for you.

    Clean you filthy back yards that’s were I put my hands up to the whites regarding maintenance and cleaning they are tops.

    You so called educated blacks are filthy dirty and very out of touch with life.

    Speak, write and spell well yet you are so stupid and even use a name like Zambezi
    I rather that John’s comments to heart because its his real name and not you Zambezi idiot you write a book with your grammar or even better stand up and be counted go teach English.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago