Zim government withdraws Tsvangirai’s security

via Govt withdraws Tsvangirai’s security — Nehanda Radio  By Xolisani Ncube

Former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai has been stripped of his police security privileges.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson yesterday said police who were assigned to the former PM were withdrawn yesterday.

“To us it means nothing because he never expected anything good from Zanu PF especially that the inclusive government is gone,” he said.

“The president (MDC leader) is not concerned about police officers not being there at his house. He has God on his side and his protection will never be compromised through and through,” Tamborinyoka said.

Tsvangirai, who sat with Mugabe at State House mapping the country’s future as one of the executives for the past four years, was given a state convoy which was operated by security operatives, while his residence had round-the-clock armed police officers.

Tsvangirai joined the inclusive government in 2009 following a disputed poll which saw Mugabe being trounced by the former trade unionist in a March 2008 election, before violence was unleashed on MDC supporters in the run-up to a June presidential run-off.

The uneasy coalition government supervised by Mugabe, saw the production of a new constitution, which led to polls on July 31.

Mugabe won the presidential vote by 61 percent amid allegations of vote fraud and massive irregularities.

He was on Thursday sworn-in at the National Sports Stadium — a function attended by at least six serving presidents from Africa out of the 40 invited.

Although it was not clear as to what was agreed as Tsvangirai’s exit package, the Daily News understands that he will most likely retain his official Mercedes Benz while hardliners in the ruling party are pushing for his ouster from the Highlands state house.

The MDC leader moved into the official residence in Highlands purchased by government after Mugabe had denied him access to Zimbabwe House.

Mugabe used the house when he was Prime Minister but has now moved to his mansion in the expensive Borrowdale Brooke.

The Highlands house was purchased through a loan facility from treasury and according to information available,

“Tsvangirai offered to buy the residence but negotiations on the pricing are still to be finalised.

Even though talks regarding the disposal of the house are still underway, hardliners in Zanu PF want the former premier out of the house with immediate effect. Daily News



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    Marange son 11 years ago

    Do you mean spies?

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    of coz its nothing new about zanupf-kuti muzogara ani

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    eztechplc 11 years ago

    He should never accepted these spies in the first place…..they almost killed him……look, that material oversight led to the death of innocent Susan……the best way to protect yourself……go and refresh the your protective overalls in Chipinge……at least you ll survive gor a while

  • comment-avatar
    Kevin Watson 11 years ago

    Only thieves and criminals need protection. Honest people with the peoples interests at heart do not need protection.

  • comment-avatar
    mucha 11 years ago

    So Tamborinyoka, are saying that all along Tsvangson had no God on his side by saying, “He has God on his side and his protection will never be compromised”? Maybe yes he had no God on his side, that’s why he was on such a promiscuous spree all along – marrying and divorcing, impregnating young girls, losing elections dismally, wife in ex-marital affairs etc.

    • comment-avatar
      adam jones 11 years ago

      he had god all the while. he did not need the spies around him – so no difference there.

  • comment-avatar
    Shame 11 years ago

    Lukre Tamboreni, is TsvanCry’s god aware of wife Elizabeth’s promiscus love texts? What has he to say? What kinda protection does he provide to TsavnCry if the wife is always taken before his nose?

    • comment-avatar
      adam jones 11 years ago

      god does not deal with your wife through you. each each for themselves when it comes to god. don’t think that as your wife goes to church and fears god, that you are also saved.

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    Anold Anderson 11 years ago

    Well if he wanted protection he should have been a man enough to stand in public for all national events which took place after he lost the election to show the nation that whether the elections where rigged or not he is still a Zimbabwean with Zimbabwe in heart but he proved that all he wanted is power. Let us be mature and act maturely. Even in the circumstances of death of the known sons of Zimbabwe a leader of a Zimbabwean part is not there that is foolishness and attention seeking crying baby. I would not support power hungry with misdirected advice

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    Leave Our President alone, tongai tione zvamunoti makakunda.

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      gukurahundi (GNB/jukwa) 11 years ago

      thanx Chimurenga…regai vaite tione…mdc we love you

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    good words chimurenga..we neva say neva

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    shoko 9 years ago


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    vana shame ndevapi ava, asi unoti Mujuru ane yakakura kani ndo zvamunoita kana zvoda kukushatirai Tsvangison ndi President wavanhu kwete we macorupt e zanu pf . Uchaona kuti panodzosera Mujuru dzose imbavha idzo. Asi kana rikatya richifunga kuti richazowana u vice hakusisina fumura mbavha idzo. Love Tsvangis.