Grace’s unique fashion sense

via Grace’s unique fashion sense – DailyNews Live.She might not always dress in high end fashion from top designers, but First Lady Grace Mugabe has her own unique style and always manages to be spot-on in her dressing.

At her husband’s inauguration for another term in office on Thursday, Grace was dressed in a blue dress, with two different shades of the colour.

The shade combination of the outfit blended well together, showing off what she knows best, dressing up.

Grace is her own stylist as she designs her own clothes, selects her own material, while her fellow first ladies prefer top designers.

Always elegantly dressed, the First Lady says she does not rely on world renowned designers to dress her, but in fact, relies on her own tailors.

This is despite the fact that she has been spotted shopping in Milan (Italy), home of the most elegant and powerful designers.

On Thursday, the first family ditched its party regalia for the finer clothes after completing the campaign job a few weeks ago.

In contrast with the First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama, both women dress well, but have different tastes.

Michelle mostly dons outfits from Tracy Reese, Thakoon, Rachel Roy, Narciso Rodriguez, Michael Kors and many others.

In an interview with People of the South’s Dali Tambo, Grace confessed that she likes her own designs, while her husband, President Robert Mugabe said he dressed himself.

Upon being asked whether he lets his wife dress him, Mugabe said he preferred dressing himself, while coming to her defence of not being a shopaholic.

“She doesn’t do that kind of shopping, she will buy fabrics and have them sown, she designs them herself. You can see they are quiet decorated she wants them very colourful.

“ I dress myself, sometimes she says I like this I say no, no, no, you do not know anything about men’s clothes leave me to do my own. She likes to dress me but no I am an independent man, I make my own choices but she buys me suits and gifts from time to time,” he said.

Grace was not the only one who was dressed pleasantly; her husband Mugabe was elegantly dressed as always.

Mugabe is always on point with his tailor made suits and maybe it is something men should take a cue from, unlike some people who appear like they have been given hand me downs.

The rest of the first family was there also, with Bona wearing a orange costume, Robert Junior wearing a grey suit and Chatunga donning a brown suit.



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    jongwe power 11 years ago

    Might as well give her credit for saving money by getting the fabrics done herself. Here is an idea! Maybe she can at least revive our textile industry and turn our country into the fashion mecca of Africa with her encyclopedia of styles. That might at least employ a couple million people in the farming, agro-chemical, textile production, fabric chemical, graphic design and fashion design industries.

    Too bad that’s just a pipe dream.

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    This whole thing (story) makes me sick. Our country indid, is falling down a ravine.

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    shami 11 years ago

    This website really writes rubbish and overally silly stories honestly.We just want a sincere website and above all stories that contribute to our daily life,things that affect us as zimbabweans.Most of the stories from this site are unbelievably stupid.Please my fellow readers go through again through the subheadings and please tell me if this is what we want to hear from a reporter.