You will celebrate on Thursday

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Government has declared Thursday a public holiday to afford all people an opportunity to attend President Mugabe’s inauguration at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Ray Ndlukula confirmed the declaration today.“Yes, Thursday from what I gather, will be a public holiday, which will afford everybody an opportunity to come and celebrate this big occasion,” he said.

Acting Harare Metropolitan Provincial Governor Mr Alfred Tome urged Zimbabweans to come in huge numbers to witness President Mugabe’s inauguration.

Speaking at a preparatory meeting in Harare today, Mr Tome said they were expecting a bumper crowd at the celebrations.

“We have got a great event and the whole world will stand still on that day,” he said.

“On that day the Head of State and Government will be inaugurated and I am appealing to all people to come in your large numbers.

“We have been allocated 30 buses for Harare and we are appealing to private transporters to also help.”

Mr Tome urged Zimbabweans across the political divide to grace the grand occasion.

In Harare, Mr Tome said, people would be picked from the usual pick points dotted around the capital.

“It is our day as Zimbabweans. There are no losers and winners in this thing, it is Zimbabwe that has won,” he said.



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    Qiniso 11 years ago

    The Govt is abusing its authority. This is BS

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      You WILL celebrate on Thursday! … or you may never celebrate anything ever again. Won’t you please come?

  • comment-avatar
    Kusvikazvanaka 11 years ago

    Mr NIKUV is Zim President

  • comment-avatar
    Chatunga 11 years ago

    Public holiday? Seriously? Are these people high or what? And we truly believe these people will bring meaningful changes to the economy!

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    eztechplc 11 years ago

    Certainly, believe it or not, thursday is a national holiday. For all those who dont want to attend, public transport providers who dont provide they combis and buses and businessmen who miss this event, a register will be marked. The empowerment, indeginise and alleviation of poverty will follow……so do miss the event because the same register will be used. As for Barclays and Stanchart MDs, guys make no mistake, you cant make mistake……make sure you sit next to Doctor Gono, or Doctor Lord (is it Saviour) Kasukuwere

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    matombo chiremba 11 years ago

    why after five other similar events without a holiday – but this one? Are there rats to be smelt? Lets have the reforms which we did not have because of time constraints! Lets do that and join the world’s community of nations please as this pariah status is not good – and why should we not have the democratic reforms that we have in all progressive countries. Lets get to work and forget about useless holidays.

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    matombo chiremba 11 years ago

    Who proclaimed this holiday? The president-elect? Lets reflect.

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    jongwe power 11 years ago

    You WILL attend this glorious day. If not, you will be rounded up from the bus terminuses, marketplaces, shopping centres, churches and along the streets and “persuaded” to attend. You cannot let our glorious Revolutionary leader, emperor of SADC, foe of the Imperialists, and moral leader, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe, celebrate in an empty stadium, do you? He single-handedly won our independence from mean ol’ Whitey (like black Rambo), and you want to snub him? Traitors! Sellouts! Uncle Toms!

    You WILL attend, or else.

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    It was not nescessary to declare a public holiday 80% are unemployed. Trying to show the world that they have massive support and legitimise this farce!! The world knows what happened.Ma sanctions achagara aripo i.e. no shopping in Harrods or selfridges, Zhinzhong awaits.

    On the other hand vaka vhotera makororo hatidi anozo chema pamberi apo, magetsi this mvura that. You have been forwarned.

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    mutongi gava 11 years ago

    aluta continau

  • comment-avatar
    John Steele 11 years ago

    Thousands will be forced to attend the inauguration and will be herded onto buses, as is usual.

  • comment-avatar
    Sad Zimbo 11 years ago

    Zim is becoming more and more like North Korea.

  • comment-avatar
    Chivula Mapoti 11 years ago

    What a joke – watch and see Comrade Mugabe take a nap during this ‘Grand Occasion’.
    I only hope it’s that ‘Etertnal Nap’ we have been waiting for!