MDC-T to approach SADC over “erroneous” endorsement of polls

via MDC-T to approach SADC Chair over “erroneous” endorsement of polls: Tsvangirai | The Zimbabwean by Edgar Gweshe

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, today said his party would be approaching the Southern African Development Community to register their displeasure over the recent endorsement of the July 31 elections by the regional body.

Tsvangirai is on record claiming that the just ended Zimbabwe polls were a farce. He cited a chaotic voter registration, shambolic special vote exercise, fake voter slips, bussing of voters and a high number of assisted voters.

Yesterday, the SADC Electoral Observer Mission endorsed the poll outcome which they said reflected the will of the people of Zimbabwe, drawing the ire of the MDC-T.

Tsvangirai revealed his party’s intentions today at Chikurubi Maximum Prison where he had paid a visit to the MDC-T Deputy National Chairperson, Morgan Komichi, who is facing allegations of vote fraud as well as two other activists, Last Maengahama and Solomon Mapanzure who were arrested on charges of murdering a police officer in 2011.

“We will be visiting the Chairperson of SADC and the Chairperson of the Troika just to say perhaps you arrived at this conclusion erroneously. We cannot stop engaging SADC over this issue,” said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai bemoaned that the final SADC report on Zimbabwe’s elections was more of an amplification of Zanu (PF’s) propaganda.

In his address yesterday, SEOM Chairperson, Benard Membe, made reference to the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe in 2002 the height of human rights abuse which he said had made the two MDC formations unpopular among the electorate.

Said Tsvangirai: “How do you talk about sanctions and that we have been campaigning for them and that is why we lost.”

He said that SADC, by endorsing Zimbabwe’s election outcome, had largely compromised on their set standards and guidelines concerning the conduct of democratic elections.

“The final report is not different from the initial endorsement. In Maputo, SADC was clear that reforms were necessary and secondly SADC has its own guidelines and we have been waiting for it to see if our elections conform to these set guidelines,” said Tsvangirai.

He dismissed chances of a political uprising by his party saying “we do not act with motion but with conviction”. With regards his incarcerated party members, Tsvangirai said “their spirits are high” although he said their long incarceration and the charges being leveled against them were a serious cause for concern.

“The charges they are facing put a very serious dent on our justice system. We hope our lawyers will succeed in securing bail for them,” said Tsvangirai.


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    Rudadiso 11 years ago

    You are now just wasting your time Morgan because Sadc stopped taking you seriously a long time ago when you agreed to be a junior partner in the GNU.

    If SADC said reforms were necessary why then did you participate in the elections before the reforms were implemented? For goodness sake, you didn’t even have electronic copies of the voters’ roll.

  • comment-avatar
    NANSI LENDODA 11 years ago

    Mr Nansi Lendoda is now loss of words to describe MDC-Tea leader Morgan Tsvangira. Can his handlers please give him better and sincere ADVIZO

  • comment-avatar
    john muzata 11 years ago

    A revolutionary party is very hard to remove using any way you can think of.Iam sorry you are wasting your time.The best thing is to join hands for the development of our country.Please avoid campaigning for sanctions.If for example ARV drugs are no longer coming to us all zimbabweans including your relatives will die.What do u get out of our suffering.Think twice before acting.

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    Pulsey 11 years ago

    Mr Tsvangirai you seems to have lost it completely how can you say you do not use emotions and you use convictions? Now there is much to loose if you engage in an uprising. What happenend to the Tsvangirai we know? A man of action than words. Do you how painful it is to stripped of your manhood. Thus exactly what have happened to many Zimbabweans. It will be day dreaming if you think that they will be no uprising in Zimbabwe. The message is clearly written on wall for those with eyes to see.

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    George 11 years ago

    Mr Tsvangirai still has faith in SADC & AU regional bodies that back Zanu-pf, furthermore Mugabe is current SADC chairperson his argument wont yield positive result. We a MDC supporters who feel the democratic approach that president Tsvangirai followed & continues to follow will lead the party nowhere. He must listen to what supporters views & do what his followers want. A true leader of a political party needs to be firm, brave, visionary, initiative, militant, focused, flexible. We dont want soft leadership, cowards, NO

    • comment-avatar
      Rocks tone 11 years ago

      I share the same sentiment with you guys if MDC is people driven why is mr Tsvangirai plunging in doing things without people’s mandate & ,opinions look now if he continues to behave that way the part will be totally raptured & many will languish in prisons