MDC-T withdraws court petition?

via MDC-T withdraws court petition reported by the Zimbabwe Guardian (?)  16 August, at 20 : 09 PM

“Reports from Harare say there was a meeting today of the MDC-T national executive with the British ambassador, Deborah Bronnert, over the 10,000 assisted voters claim which was proving embarrassing to the British establishment.

In order to avert a diplomatic crisis, the MDC-T was asked to withdraw their petition because there was no evidence, and there was an avalanche of opinions on how to deal with the lies by the ambassador – which were also repeated by the MDC-T in its court petition.

There was also debate over Justice Chinembiri Bhunu’s indefinite reservation of judgment on pushing the release of information by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The party had hoped to build a case through ZEC records. Justice Bhunu thwarted that move by not allowing them access to the records because the MDC-T had to present its own evidence, because they made the claim before ZEC had even announced the results. The claims was made on 1 August, 2013 – a few hours after the closing of the poll and even before ZEC had an idea who had won the election.

The other issues that compounded the MDC-T problem was the breakup of the party; with the independent candidates from Matabeleland threatening to form another MDC party.

The final crunch was Bennett’s flight or resignation from the MDC-T which was robbing them of one of the characters who was a conduit between them and right wing funders of the party. Without them, Tsvangirai was going to be pushed into oblivion, and robbed of a stream of income necessary to sustain the party.

The last blow was the association of the MDC-T leadership with Israeli company, Nikuv and huge amounts of money paid for irrigation and other equipment by Tsvangirai, his deputy Thokozani Khupe and Theresa Makone, chair of the MDC-T Women’s Assembly.

All these issues, plus a weak court case, were set to embarrass the party, hence the withdrawal of the case today, to save face.

Tsvangirai simply did not have evidence of rigging. He was going against democratic principles by thwarting and delaying the will of the Zimbabwean people. The people voted overwhelmingly for Zanu-PF, giving it a clear mandate.”


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    Pachokwadi 10 years ago

    If there is nothing to bide why deny the Mdc T access to the required materials?
    Something fishy here. The truth always comes out. Rinemanyanga hariputirwe.

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    I am glad that my arguments have been vindicated. I said this and will always say it that the MDC was beaten fair and square by Zanu pf. There was no rigging but zanu pf took stock of what made them loose last time and acted while the mdc t was complacent, it thought they were an option people would vote even without campaing. The failure to build a coalition, the independents, arrogance, complacency, failure to address the fundamental needs of the workers and many others factors made them loose. Biti was not willing to pay cadetship fees and also denied trained nurses to be recruited. People looked at what zanu pf had done previously and decided better the devil you know than you dont.
    As we move forward, now that zanu pf has been given the mandate by the people, they must suspend the indiginisation policy or they must refune it so that it becomes investor friend. What zanu pf must know and know too well is that even countries like the asian tigers grew out of FDI. They too indiginised but in a way that did not bite the hand that fed them. It must also know that if they blunder five years is not a long time away it is very close by people will judge. For some of us we know very well that the populist policies that zanu pf engaged in was not because they like them it was out of frustration and also the need to attract suppoters and build confidence to the people again. Zanu pf must also remember that the survival of the party honges on what they will do from the day the new gvt will be promulgated by the president.

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    Goodhope 10 years ago

    No rigging. Yeah, sure. Most of Matabeleland suddenly had a complete loss of recent historical memory and – treading on the bones of their people lying in mine shafts and shallow graves – rushed to vote for ZANU-PF.

    If that doesn’t show how thoroughly this election was rigged, with no technical evidence required to understand it, then nothing will. So sorry for Zimbabwe…but this seems to be a good decision on the part of MDCT.

    Rigging the vote is one thing, governing a country without the consent of the populace, once they’ve recognised that you are a thief and a destroyer, is something else. Zimbabwe is not North Korea, Zim people can think for themselves!!

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      Good Hope my foot. Who are you to speak for people in Mat South. Your boss has failed to explain how the elects were rigged. He has withdrawn the court application with a long tail between his legs.

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    moses 10 years ago

    fed up. fed up

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    A sensible article

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    Guvnor 10 years ago

    A retreat is not a defeat on the part of the MDC. Despite false claims of a “landslid victory” ,zanu muppets will be outed by a singular lack of ability to deliver on the expectations of Zimbabwean citizens.

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    Joseph 10 years ago

    This is interesting, MDCT has a problem that it makes a move and then think later. How on earth do they go to the Courts first before putting together the evidance? Kana ndimwiwo varume ndivo vanhu vaida kutonga nyika. Honestly logic has it that you don’t jump first only to think when you in the air where to land. We have more important business to talk about aya marema anotidzosera kumashure

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    “What the wicked dreads will overtake him; what the righteous desire will be granted.” Proverbs 10:24…. “Righteous” means those who are in right standing with the Lord.”…..
    Come on Zimbabwe, let’s believe what God is saying, take courage, lift up your heads for your redemption is near….. all things are in My timing…. do not grow weary in doing good…. for in due season , I will make all things beautiful. Watch and see what the Lord shall do… he has heard the cries of the oppressed… who is God that He should be mocked? Take courage Zimbabwe, take courage! As you call on My name, watch and see how I will act speedily on your behalf…. I love you my country x x x