Mnangagwa prepares to take over from Mugabe

via Mnangagwa prepares to take over from Mugabe — Nehanda Radio By Itai Mushekwe

Outgoing Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, who as State Security Minister led the notorious Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) during the Gukurahundi Massacres, is now favourite to become the second President of Zimbabwe.

The late Vice President John Nkomo, Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa (who led the CIO during the Gukurahundi Massacres) and President Robert Mugabe

High level intelligence and army sources have told Nehanda Radio that it is now just a matter of time before the ailing 89 year old Mugabe hands over power to the Midlands Province godfather.

Mnangagwa has been seen “very frequently” at State House since Zanu PF’s controversial poll victory, where he is said to have been conducting a series of “closed door meetings with Mugabe”.

The country’s security chiefs, namely Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander, Constantine Chiwenga and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) boss, Augustine Chihuri are allegedly backing Mnangagwa, and have made their position known to Mugabe.

Nehanda Radio has also received intelligence, about “security meetings” taking place between Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Chihuri and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), presumably to plot the trained lawyer’s entrance into executive power.

Mnangagwa is also the only out-going minister, who has continued working despite there being no new cabinet announced to run the affairs of the country.

Officials close to the President’s office, which is an extension of the secret service say the shrewd politician is reporting to work at Defence House, prompting speculation that Mugabe is likely to keep him as defence minister.

There are also indications that Mugabe might appoint him into an equally powerful ministerial portfolio, but Mnangagwa appears to have settled well in defence, where he has been reportedly scheming his pathway to Munhumutapa Building for the past four years.

It is also coming to light for the first time in the public sphere from our informants, that Mnangagwa played a pivotal role in the appointment of Chiwenga to the post of ZDF commander, in December 2003, using his muscles of the legislature, as Speaker of Parliament that time, to put forward Chiwenga’s name as successor to his predecessor the late General Vitalis Zvinavashe.

Mnangagwa was Speaker of Parliament, from July 2000 until April 2005. Chiwenga in a way, would like to return back the favour to the long-time serving minister, by backing his ambitions for higher office, sources said.

Zvinavashe had retired from the powerful post, deciding to venture into business, farming and politics with his eyes set on replacing the late Vice President, Simon Muzenda as VP.

However, it later turned out that Zvinavashe had been “tricked” into retirement by Mugabe to neutralise him, with a promise to take up the vice presidency, which never materialised.

Current VP Joice Mujuru, then a minister for water development, sprung from her minor ministry to become the country’s first female VP in 2004, on the ticket of lobbying for fair representation of women in the Zanu PF presidium.

Again Mugabe played a smart puzzle at the time, to keep Mnangagwa in check and deny him early ascendancy to the top, in what became popularly known as the Tsholotsho saga, where many Zanu PF provincial chairmen sympathetic to Mnangagwa were suspended and former information minister, Jonathan Moyo booted out of cabinet and Zanu PF over his involvement.

It would appear Mnangagwa was looking into his future political fortunes, when a decade ago he allegedly touted Chiwenga then the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Commander to fill the ZDF shoes, and his political fortitude might just bear fruit, our sources say.

Further reinforcing, news on Mnangagwa’s looming ascendancy are revelations that, the late Zanu PF founder member Enos Nkala, who died last week told Mugabe that Mnangagwa is the only party cadre who can “fit his shoes well”.

Nkala dismissed vice president Joice Mujuru as “very weak and susceptible to manipulation”, according to an operative who overhead Mugabe and Nkala’s conversation when the Zanu PF leader visited Nkala in Hospital recently.

“The media keeps getting it wrong, Amai (Mujuru) has no chance,” said the operative. “We know that the president is tipping Mnangagwa, but does not want to make it obvious, as a way of keeping Zanu PF united in this post-election period.

Nkala told him that ED (Mnanganga’s nickname among intelligence officials) is the only cadre who can fit his shoes well.

Mugabe was made to understand that Zimbabwe requires, a combative and strong leader, and that Mnangagwa was likely to continue with his political doctrine, compared to his main rival for the top job.”

With a litany of crimes against humanity to his name, including the Gukurahundi Massacres and the June 2008 murders, Mugabe is also keen on a strong leader who will be able to grant him immunity from prosecution.

Nkala, a former defence minister himself gave a local newspaper an interview in May, in which he effectively endorsed Mnangagwa for his choice of successor to Mugabe.

“I think Mnangagwa. Well he knew what he was doing, he had a programme for his own leadership and I think if he were given the opportunity to put that programme into operation, he would have done very well,” said Nkala.

Mnangagwa’s chief rival, VP Mujuru, who hitherto was in a fairly comfortable lead and favourite to take over from Mugabe, has all but recently shot her own political foot by reportedly making remarks a fortnight ago, in a private weekly newspaper that “God might decide to call him”, in apparent reference to Mugabe.

The Mnangagwa camp seized on her remarks to insinuate, that she was impatient for power and was wishing the passing away of Mugabe, something the veteran leader is said to be “very angry” about, although he has kept his emotions hidden to himself.

“We know that the President will soon be 90 and God might decide to call him, he has taught us a lot and how to lead the party. Zanu PF will never die because President Mugabe is no longer there; there are people who now can lead the party,” Mujuru said at the family’s Beatrice farm.

The remarks were made during a memorial service for her late husband Retired General Solomon Mujuru, who perished in a mysterious fire thought to have been orchestrated by his political enemies.

Government, has however ruled out any foul play, despite efforts by the family to make an independent inquiry into the death.

There are many other factors and merits, pointing to a Mnangagwa presidency in the waiting, such as the fact that the outgoing defence minister was heavily involved with Nikuv International Projects.

We understand it was through Mnangagwa’s alleged contacts with Israeli Intelligence, that through him Zanu PF roped in the firm to help it manipulate the outcome of the July 31 elections, by inflating and stuffing the voters roll with non-existent voters to give Mugabe a 61 percent electoral pass mark.

According to its official website, Nikuv International Projects (NIP) was established in 1994, as one of the subsidiaries of the Formula Group, the largest software group in Israel.

“NIP acts as an integrator of large Information Technology projects in international markets, focusing on projects for governmental sectors,” says the company’s site.

“NIP initiated activities in the African continent in 1994 in Nigeria, and has since expanded its activities to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Botswana and Angola in IT and additional areas like agriculture and security.”

“Mnangagwa has used an intelligence strategy to make sure that we stay in power,” said a Zanu PF politburo member.

“We did not experience bloodshed, nor violence like in the 2008 election. This one was smart, and we have Ngwena to thank for this achievement. Zvana Mujuru kurota uko, she did nothing at all for this victory.”



  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 9 years ago

    So, Zimbabwe’s future looks very grim indeed.

  • comment-avatar
    Murairwa 9 years ago

    Any principled ZANU-PF Cadre would want a stable party and government. Thats what we all want and thats what the President should ensure we have. We need contntinuity in terms of policies, and in terms of vibrant reforms meant to enhance black Zimbabweans. God bless Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    George Sebedebe 9 years ago

    Mnangagwa is the only person capable of ending the Sell Out enterprise that is growing in Zimbabwe. People such as those running the so called Crisis International will not live to see the light of the next day in a Mnangagwe-rulled Zimbabwe. Such people are taking advantage of President Mugabe’s softness to black list the country in all manner and sorts and yet rom the streets daily. Those who made a living out of selling out the country should know that their days are numbered if Mnangagwa becomes President. I personally would like to see those sell outs taken out and crushed, wherever they are. All discord singers will be silenced, just the way they are silenced in the United States and Britain. In those countries, one can insult the President and do all sorts of nasty things against individuals but, and I repeat, but no one dares insult the State or State institutions. That is what will happen in a Mnangagwa rulled Zimbabwe.

    • comment-avatar

      “…taken out..crushed..silenced”such murderous langauge to associate with Mnagagwa- if it is indeed what he stands for then mmm zvakaoma.
      Taking out, crushing and silencing voices of dissent- another day in Africa I guess.

    • comment-avatar
      kwamarengenya 9 years ago

      You sound like an operative/Agent of Ian Douglas Smith (Colonialist’s type of leadership). There is nothing wrong with allowing happy and free life to Zimbabweans. Why do you applaud ruthlessness among leaders????

    • comment-avatar
      Chara 9 years ago

      So if they are crushed what will that benefit the country , you are really shallow minded. If Mnangagwa becames President the country will experience civil war.Zimbabweans are now sick and tired.

  • comment-avatar
    Hango Yapalala 9 years ago

    ZIM shall never be ruled by AmaKaranga by the MAZEZURUs!

  • comment-avatar
    mark longhurst 9 years ago

    Great, the Matabeles will be looking forward to the day that they are robbed of their lives,freedom, future by the north korean lover called crocodile, how much blood still drips through those disgusting hands of yours, where the apology ,you are a murderer and now want to run a country,aluta continua, Zanu must be held accountable for 30 years of terror !

  • comment-avatar
    Glory Mlangeni 9 years ago

    Zimbabwe is now going to be free, with someone openly cruel at the helm, at least Bob likes to appear to be a nice gentleman, anyway God is in control and has answered our prayers, He is love

    • comment-avatar
      naome 9 years ago

      Libya was free under Gadaff but look where it is. There are people like you that needs such rulers to keep you away from messing the country and the peace loving people.

  • comment-avatar
    Nedziwe Rudo kenneth 9 years ago

    In civilized societies the povo is allowed to choose their leadership whom they make accountable and responsible for their actions.This has not happened to Zimbabweans for 33years. This bunch of thugs cannot deliver. The day of reckoning is near.

  • comment-avatar
    @Aljezeera 9 years ago

    So much has been peddled on succession. Only time will tell coz all that has so far passed via the grape vine has but just proved to be hogwash. We gonna see everything in the fullness of time not thru “the secret operative’s” unconfirmed fabrication.

  • comment-avatar
    Zvichanaka rimwe gore 9 years ago

    At least the comments above just confirm the illegitimacy of the election outcome

    • comment-avatar
      maisokwadzo 9 years ago

      God forbid!! Zimbabwe is in this quagmaire because of his man Ngwena. Everything that happened in and before Zimbabwe independence is linked to this man. Ingwena zveshuwa Mugabes survival up to this day is because of Ngwena inorumira muvhu Hamuone zvisingasiyane uye pakaruza Zanu 2008 ndiye Ngwena akaudza dzimwe mbavha kuti akutii maruza ndiani dzokai tirambe tichiba tigoramba tichiba tinozviziva SORRY ZIMBABWE SORRY SORRY SORRY FROM THE FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE

      • comment-avatar
        NANSI LENDODA 9 years ago

        @Maisokwadzo what you are saying is all hear-say and speculation. Know the MAN first and then make informed conclusion/decision. Why demonise such a humble God Fearing man. Ngwena is super interligent and politics needs just that and such people.

  • comment-avatar
    Greyhora 9 years ago

    “Mnangagwa has used an intelligence strategy to make sure that we stay in power,” said a Zanu PF politburo member.

    There is the answer to all those who claim that Zanu PF is popular. We have an illegitimate president and illegitimate judiciary, we will soon have an illegitimate government, and illegitimate parliament.

    Wait until Nikuv starts squealing… seeing as they are now under the spotlight in congress, let’s wait and see, the truth will come out one way or the other…

  • comment-avatar
    KingZimuto 9 years ago

    Mere speculation. Will the president appoint his successor or its the people? ie ZPF members. Or will the party use its constitution of seniority to replace bob? If the later applies than ngwena – being no 11 in ZPF will hardly ascend to presidency. May be through coup with the support of service chiefs. Hence TB Joshua’s recent prophecy on Zimbabwe on an impending civil war.

  • comment-avatar
    kwamarengenya 9 years ago

    Mwari tinokumbirawo mushandise simba renyu kutibvisa muupenyu hwakawoma kudai hwekutungamirigwa nemhondi, mbavha uye varoyi. May God use his power to deliver us from these evil leaders.

  • comment-avatar
    Phunyukabemphethe 9 years ago

    With Mujuru already a senior in the party and just a step away from the Gukurahundi party presidency, I will be surprised if the Gukurahundi Party remains in tact, united under Gukurahundi Mnangagwa a junior.

    Maybe its for the good of the nation if they split – this is welcome, let it be!!

  • comment-avatar
    alter ego 9 years ago

    At least the incumbent has some modicum of decency, the croc is a thug, a ruthless and unbridled bloodthirsty lunatic completelty without a conscience. akangopinda chete tamama!

  • comment-avatar
    NANSI LENDODA 9 years ago

    Am very sure ED can meet to task ahead. He has a very spot for Zim development, he listens and is open minded and honest. He has an open door policy. The papers say a lot of BADDEST things about him which are not true. ED IS NOT TRIBALIST. ED is rich with knowledge next to none.

    Thumbs up for him. With him in control Zim will go forward and in the right direction. The problem we have is that some people do bad act/things and his name knowing fully well that the offended will never follow up with him,

    Its so hurting that the Hon ED Mnangagwa is to represent Midlands from outside the Central Heart of Zimbabwe. We know were he belongs (KWE KWE CENTRAL THE HEART OF ZIMBABWE.

    Our sincere apology for our stupidity from previous elections for we did not VOTE and the GODFATHER of Midlands lost out. Come home NGWENA, GODFATHER we miss you, your smile and love. When you take a walk from Plaza to Ok Store we feel your weight and when you park your car at Chicken Inn next to Zesa we feel BLESSED to have you amongst us. You are one of our OWN our very own.

  • comment-avatar
    mujibha 9 years ago

    Zimbabweans, just wait and see, another gukurahundi on the way. Even the mujurus and the mutasas r going to be silenced once and for all. If they r not going to do anything to stop bob to apoint him, that is the end of them. What a devil

  • comment-avatar
    Freedom 9 years ago

    Freeedom freeedom freeedom, freedom is coming ooh yes I know……singing!!!
    Nomatter what zanu pf may do, freedom will come. Zimbabwe will be free again. people will smile again. We may cry now but joy comes in the morning. Be strong and stay positive all you level headed Zimbos. Things will get better

  • comment-avatar
    Patriot 9 years ago

    Pray for a better Zimbabwe in which it matters little which efffci ent leader occupies which position . Patriotic Zims should experience no pbm, granted efficient national institutions.

  • comment-avatar
    mlungu 4 years ago

    You “Zimbo’s are useless, Useless under Cde Mugabe and you will get even more **** from Cde Crocodile. Nothing will change, No independent state in Africa is a success and Zimbabwe will continue to prove this point.
    But don’t worry, you can always go to Britain and cry for the white mans benefit money, get a council flat in London, drink beer, smoke cannabis and whine….