Most Heads of State stay away from Mugabe inauguration

via Most Heads of State stay away from Mugabe inauguration | The Zimbabwean  by Farai Mabeza

Only five out an expected 40 heads of state attended President Robert Mugabe’s inauguration today.

Joseph Kabila was among the five that attended the inauguration

Acting Governor of Harare metropolitan province Alfred Tome had earlier in the week announced that he expected at least 40 heads of state to attend the inauguration.

Mugabe was sworn in for his seventh term of office at the National Sports Stadium in Harare today following a disputed election victory.

Tanzanian President, Jakaya Kikwete, Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasago, Rajkeswur Purryag (Mauritania), Armando Guebuza (Mozambique) the Democratic Republic of Congo leader, Joseph Kabila are the ones that attended.

Other nations such as South Africa were represented by senior officials. The inauguration day was declared a national holiday. MDC-T called the low attendance a “stay away” by African leaders.

The party’s spokesman, Douglas Mwonzora, told The Zimbabwean in an interview that the inauguration resembled a “gathering of former heads of states”.

“The heads of state were in short supply. We had been told over 40 would attend but the irony was that it seemed to have been a gathering of former heads of state because Mugabe belongs to that group,” Mwonzora said.

Former South African President Thabo Mbeki and former Namibian President Sam Nujoma were in attendance.



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    jongwe power 11 years ago

    All hail the Emperor of SADC! The Divine Liberator who SINGLE-HANDEDLY took down Britain (like black Kung-Fu Rambo) to establish the new House of Stone. Born of God, feared by Man. Prophecised by the Great Oracle, Mbuya Nehanda, to rule until Jesus returns.

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      Rudadiso 11 years ago

      Jongwe power, he single handedly took down the British from where? The British made him sign the Lancaster house constitution which reserved 20 seats for whites, that is a whole 20% for just 3% of the population. Mugabe happily went along.

      He keeps telling us the British reneged on an agreement to fund land reform but has never been able to produce a signed document as proof. So, much as he now rewrites history, he evidently was an incompetent negotiator.

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    Well some events are now monotonous to attend…

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    MikeH 11 years ago

    It’s my guess that mugabe is a big embarrassment to those who stayed away.

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    Greyhora 11 years ago

    Well said Mwonzora, Mugabe has been a former head-of-state since 2008, when he was effectively retired by the people of Zimbabwe! No wonder other African leaders are too embarrassed to be associated with him.

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    Simon 11 years ago

    He (ROB-BOB)so thick skinned he wont even feel embarrassed that out of all countries africa holds only 5 attend!!! Lol shame on him and bigger shame on zanu pf . The non attendace by head of states….is action spoken louder than words. Pamberi zanu pf the jokers of africa

    • comment-avatar
      jongwe power 11 years ago

      But they SHOULD associate themselves with our Divine Emperor. They said there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with the way things are going in Zimbabwe. They even go out of their way to tell the rest of the world that there is nothing wrong in Zimbabwe. But apparently, nobody in the international media seems to pay attention to things like these. After all, some cat that got stuck in a tree in an American town is far more newsworthy than Zimbabwe news.

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    Guvnor 11 years ago

    If the attendance is taken as a measure of endorsement of the “landslide electoral victory” by African leaders it means it is considered merely a false victory.

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    Chivula Mapoti 11 years ago

    Mugabe and his family decided to go on vacation to celebrate the win.

    Grace, his wife, John, his son and Sarah his daughter wanted to go to the Bahamas but Bob wanted to go to Dubai. So the 4 decided to vote and the result was as follows:

    Bahamas: 3
    Dubai: 68

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    Zviroto zviroto. It’s no longer, funny how inconsequential people always comment on issues they know nothing about.
    Mese above makadzidza kusnake park kunoverenga nyoka hence yo poor analysis. Heads of state have programs but there was short notice. Listen MDC fools!

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    It was a gathering of the old former Heads of State.