Mugabe wishes for perpetual life

via Mugabe wishes for perpetual life | The Zimbabwean by Adrian Mutigwe

President Robert Mugabe, in power since 1980 and recently given a fresh five year term following disputed polls, says he wishes to live forever.

In his eulogy to thousands of mourners at the burial of national hero, Enos Nkala, at the national shrine in Harare, Mugabe told of his wish to live not only a long life but eternally.

“The Pastor who was here said it (death) is only a transformation but, Pastor, we are men of flesh, we live not the spiritual lives. We continue to wish that life should be long and that life should be perpetual,” Mugabe said, declaring that he would not follow a prepared speech as that would not adequately capture what he intended to say.

Reports have claimed that Mugabe has beefed up his security following a disputed election that he won by 61 percent against his political arch-foe, Morgan Tsvangirai’s 34 per-cent.

At 89 Mugabe has been described by those around him as “fit-as-a-fiddle” despite frequenting the Far East for reported treatment. Whistle-blower website Wikileaks claimed the nonagenarian Zimbabwean strongman is reportedly suffering from prostate cancer.

For his part Mugabe has shown no signs of slowing down taking care of a punishing schedule that followed a gruelling election. While some have claimed Mugabe wants to retire before the expiry of his 7th term, he has said he wants to finish it. He will be 94 at the end of his fresh five-year term.



  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 9 years ago

    “mugabe wishes for perpetual life” … Thankfully this is impossible. Perhaps those pulling his strings (JOC) will go down with him.

  • comment-avatar
    Washumba 9 years ago

    While he is wishing himself a perpetual life he is also wishing us a life of perpetually starving all of us.

  • comment-avatar
    Jacob 9 years ago

    We are all rotting from the inside out, no matter how hard we try to “appear” young.