Schools Send Home Pupils for Not Paying Fees

via Schools Send Home Pupils for Not Paying Fees by Jonga Kandemiiri

Schools opened Tuesday with both public and private schools turning away pupils who have not yet paid fees and levies for the new term.

A parent in Marondera, Mashonaland East province, who preferred not to be names, told VOA Studio 7 that the majority of school children in the small town were sent back home and told to come back with money to cover their fees.

He said pupils were turned away at public school, Godfrey Huggins, and the Roman Catholic-run Naggle House, among others.  The news was the same in most parts of the country, including Harare and Chitungwiza.

Some parents said schools were disregarding government policy which says no pupil should be turned away for failing to pay fees.

At the same time, the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe said as the schools opened Tuesday, some of its members were being transferred unnecessarily by some school heads.

The union said it is seriously concerned with this development which it called “unlawful and vindictive.”

“This is a continuation of challenges we have been facing and we believe this is very unfair,” said Majongwe.

PTUZ secretary general Raymond Majongwe said some teachers who stood as candidates in the just-ended general election on MDC tickets were also being victimised.

Majongwe said their salaries have been suspended with officials referring them to the Public Service Commission.



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    beck son 11 years ago

    Zimbabwe has not yet attained freedom,zimbabweans we still have unfinished task to flash away dictatorship in zimbabwe,the country in not moving,the ball is in our coat to see what we can do to free ourselves from being colonised and enslaved by our own brothers

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    super mondo 11 years ago

    I thought all bills were canceled,,how caN people pay with no income.time for the stolen billions to be returned,

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    Mupanduki 11 years ago

    Teachers u have to feel it when tym of election comes u save these idiots stand up and show ur rights why are serving zanupf time is going leave that job and soldiers teach its what zanupf compony wants

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    MikeH 11 years ago

    And here’s me thinking mugabe introduced free schooling for all shortly after he took over a thriving country. Ahhhh !!! My mistake, that was before he very quickly turned it into a shambles.