ZANU PF renews ‘retaliation’ threat over sanctions

via ZANU PF renews ‘retaliation’ threat over sanctions | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell

ZANU PF has echoed threats voiced by its leader Robert Mugabe, to seek retaliatory action for the Western sanctions still in place against him and members of his regime.

Mugabe last month threatened “tit for tat” action against Zim based companies from Britain and the US, if the Western powers maintained their targeted restrictive measures against his regime. The threat was then renewed this week by the ZANU PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, in reaction to the US position that its sanctions policy will not be reviewed.

In a statement to the NewsDay newspaper on Wednesday, US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton said his government did not agree with the regional SADC Election Observer Mission report, which hailed the July 31st polls as “generally credible” and an “expression of the will of the people”.

ZANU PF’s Gumbo was then quoted by the same newspaper as saying that his party was “not worried” about the sanctions. He then echoed Mugabe’s retaliation threat, saying: “When we take action on their companies, we will tell you.”

Australia and the European Union (EU) have said they would only reconsider their sanctions policies after going through the full election reports by SADC and the African Union.

Political analyst Clifford Mashiri told SW Radio Africa that he doubted that the other western nations would divert away from the US position, especially since the measures were imposed for issues like vote rigging,

“These elections are not credible and you don’t need to look too closely to see that the elections were rigged. So the US position is the right one. The EU did say before that it would be guided by SADC, but that was just politicking and in this case they will not go against the US,” Mashiri said.



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    Legalised theft is all you can do! With a “cent economy”, what retaliatory action can you take against giants!

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    Poor old Matibili, calling for a tit for tat. What a joke from these thugs, they failed to take the economy to the highest level with all the support they had, how can they survive under economic sanctions if there are any. Are they crying to go shopping in New York, Paris or London .

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    Yes I like it. Tit for tet. Then the US will go farther and Zanu goes farther and then Us goes higher. How I wish it to be like that until the US says even to attend UN meeting not more than five people are allowed to accompany the head of state into the USA for UN meetings. Please Zanupf icho! Charira! Kupi ko Ku America! Inga tinganakirwa!

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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    The world does not need Zimbabwe, its the other way round. Zanu PF think they’re a blessing to human kind, must think again. Now they have the land and diamonds, they must turn around the economy! What’s stopping them? Sanctions are not to blame for Zimbabwe’s woes, these so called sanctions are targeted on a few individuals around Mugabe and not on every citizen. Except for the few Zimbabweans are free to travel anywhere and trade with any country they wish, but not unless you’re on the list.

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    Zvichapera you are total out of this world you are still thinking that sanction are targeted when the diamonds you are talking of can not be traded on an open market wake up to the reality of every Zimbabwean

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      nesbert majoni 9 years ago

      Its u Chandengenda who is out of this world. Zanu pf failed looted even the economy before the so called sanctions. U must wake up and see the truth. Guys give us the break. The country is bleeding due to Zanu pf s’ skewed economic policies

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      Chatunga 9 years ago

      Which Diamonds you bloody Chandengenda, get a life stupid. You support ZANU this century? for what? those people are evil looters period. bootliking their Ghost in the form of Mugabe. I cant celebrate anything stolen. They sold the country to the rough Chineese with colonial mentality. Zimbabwe is colonized by ZANU PFUTSEKE.

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    Chara 9 years ago

    Mugabe thinks that Chinese investment will grow the economy. I’m surprised when people say Mugabe is a role model in African politics. He inherited the country when the Zim dollar was one as to one in 1980 and he destroyed the economy to an extent that the country is no longer has its own official currency. He turns around and say its all because of sanctions , when we elected him to head the country we put the country in his hands. Instead of the CIO to provide the country with intelligence they are providing Mugabe. The CIO their duty is to listen to who says what about Mugabe instead of finding out about economic , political and social threat to our country. The CIA they don’t work for Obama but America.

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    beck son 9 years ago

    Sadc can’t decide against the majority of Zimbabwean in a bid to keep there friends in power,the day the zimbabwean they will claim what is rightful for them this so called will be named and shamed,with these figures shame for Africa,only the Botswana president and the late Zambian president Levy are spared from this mess

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    beck son 9 years ago

    Sadc can’t decide against the majority Zimbabweans in a bid to keep their friends in power,the day the zimbabweans they will claim what is rightful for them these so called sadc observers. will be named and shamed,with these figures shame for Africa,only the Botswana president and the late Zambian president Levy are spared from this mess

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    manford 9 years ago

    who ever enjoys the zimbabwean leadership style must shut their stinking mouth and enjoy period, its the population who is suffering here, the poor, and the poorer of the poorest , these are people who should be talking not all those driving fong kong ex imported cars and claiming to enjoy zimbabwe, shame on you. you creating an extension of somalia.

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      maisokwazo 9 years ago

      yea every dog has its day and its not all that far of Hapana chisingapere asi maperero acho Don’t look far Saddam Gaddaffi Mengisthu Banda next Mugabe imbonyimbirika hako

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    Can i bring you back ZVICHAPERA the sanctions are affecting Zimbaweans as a whole not individuals , those individuals are meant to associate with internationl community for a number of services to meet the needs of the whole nation . Yes i agree with you to say Zim have got resources like diamond , but look you dig and process those diamonds , our country is not advanced in the processing industry and thats why China took over and charges us a lot processing , remember we are a developing country meaning that we still need to depend on the outside world to keep us going .We don’t need to under estimate the suffering we are facing because of these sanctions .I am theirfore unhappy that these sanctions are against not only Zimbabwe but Africa , SADC recognised the elections as legimate ,Westerns were supposed to respect that and assist than to act on baseless reasons , the rigging of elections is an allegation which was never approved , where is the truth of this , MDC T was supposed to be strong on these allegations but they caused more pain by withdrawing the case .There is no help from the westerns , they don’t think for the poorest Zimbabweans , i don’t care let it happen in anyway , if Mugabe messes them up its fine , let us suffer once , we had been praying and begging the westerns to stop this but they don’t care.At Matopo hills wild fruits like umbumbulu are their for us to survive

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    Chivula Mapoti 9 years ago

    1. Robber is a thief and a lier.
    2. ZANU-PF are cruel and greedy.
    3. The CIO are evil and anti-Zim.
    4. Dis-grace is useless baggage.
    5. China is the Silent, Waiting Dragon.
    5. Nikuv is Muggers salvation.
    6. Tsvangari got blind-sided by them.
    7. Zimbabweans deserve better Leaders.
    8. SADC and AU are Muggers puppets.
    9. The devil is not in a hurry for RGM.
    10. Mugger and ZANU-PF syole our country.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Zvichanaka chete vachida vasingade.