Zimbabwe Polls Not Part of SADC Agenda in Malawi

via allAfrica.com: Zimbabwe Polls Not Part of SADC Agenda BY BRIAN ITAI

Director of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ for Politics, Defence and Security, Lieutenant Colonel Tankie Mothae has indicated the recently held polls in Zimbabwe are not part of the agenda for this year’s SADC Summit.

Mothae was reacting after being asked if the poll results in Zimbabwe, which have faced massive dispute mainly from the opposition side which is suspecting foul play, will form part of the debate during this year’s SADC summit.

In his briefing to members of the press on Tuesday, Mothae said as SADC they are satisfied with their participation and involvement during the polls which saw Robert Mugabe being re-elected President after edging out former Prime Minister in the previous administration Morgan Tsvangirai.

“We do not have anything on the agenda which will specifically tackle the issue of the polls recently held in Zimbabwe. What we will discuss will be what is on the general agenda and that is the general review of the political situation in the country,” he said.

He said the general feeling of the SADC grouping is that there has been massive improvement as compared to previous elections held in Zimbabwe.

“As SADC we released a preliminary statement which was agreed upon and as a bloc we have one mouth piece which is through our chairman. So the position reflected in the preliminary report is the general view of the whole grouping.

“We are very happy with the way the electoral process in Zimbabwe went. The events of 2008 are a part of a history that we will never forget as SADC. So unless any individual member has a different view, that is the position of SADC,” said Mothae.

He said SADC will continue to thrive on its number one responsibility of ensuring peace and stability in the region so that development is realised smoothly.

Malawi will host the 33rd SADC Heads of State and Government summit from the 17th to 18th of August 2013 in its capital Lilongwe.

Ministerial meetings preceding the summit started in the country on 10th August.



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    jongwe power 11 years ago

    Won’t be surprised if people come here trying to tug at a few heartstrings when they know, they truly know, that Africans are better at talking about unity/ubuntu/solidarity than they are at PRACTICING it. Either that or people fail to grasp that what they desire and what politicians want are two completely different, if not incompatible things.

    At the end of the day, some folks at the SADC club got what they wanted, the West is getting what it wants via China, which will definitely get more of what it wants. The masses are screwed as usual. Life goes on.

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    Nomsa Go 11 years ago

    African leaders shame on u

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    Nhamodzenyika 11 years ago

    Africa does not have Leaders only rulers.