Zimbabwe Railways Boss Dies in Car Accident

via Zimbabwe Railways Boss Dies in Car Accident  via VOA Zimbabwe

National Railways of Zimbabwe general manager Retired Air Commodore Michael Karakadzai died at Mater Dei Hospital this morning after suffering serious injuries in a car accident along the Bulawayo-Harare road.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba told the state-controlled Herald newspaper that Karakadzai died soon after admission at the hospital after his car hit a stray animal in Shangani, an area bordering Matabeleland North and South provinces.

Charamba said the vehicle of the late NRZ boss overturned after hitting the animal.

No further details were given by the police who said investigations are in progress.

In Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, NRZ board chairman Kotsho Dube said in a statement the death of the railways boss was a blow to the parastatal which was in the process of reviving operations after decades of loses.

The late Karakadzai is among several top army officers who were drafted by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF government into state enterprises in 2005.

He obtained a Graduate Diploma in Purchasing and Supply from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in the United Kingdom.

Karakadzai also attended the Royal College of Defence Studies in the U.K where he obtained a Masters Degree in Strategic Defence Studies.

Australia placed him and other senior army officers under targeted sanctions for allegedly spearheading President Mugabe’s violent presidential election re-run in 2008.

At the time of his death, the NRZ was failing to pay workers’ salaries due to serious operational problems. Karakadzai claimed that the parastatal was failing to get external investment as a result of sanctions imposed on him and top Zanu PF officials.



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    MikeH 9 years ago

    Another mugabe mongrel gone, who’s next ?

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    zimbo 9 years ago

    one down who cares at least its a minus one zanu pf idiot

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      You too you’re idiot don’t think that if we support zanu pf tinofanana newe chimbwa sungata che Britain kuda kudya mugere muchipakwa sadza sorry maningi never

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        Rudadiso 9 years ago

        Ko imi zvimbwasungata zvechina. Apart from importing chinese zhing zhong products you are also importing people. We mow see them operating even flea markets here.

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        Diego Zhaba 9 years ago

        @Brian – I wonder your age and your maturity in analysing the issues that affect people politically, socially and economically. You still talk of Chimbwasungata in this day and age? I wonder if you ever particvipated in the Struggle in whatever capacity. That’s out of question vanhu vanhu vanzwa nekudzvanyirirwa by their on kupfuura Smith.

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        See, that’s what happens with thorough indoctrination,,(brain wash). Any criticism of Zanu pf is labeled as supporting the west. No!! We want better government not this “liberation rhetoric”. In your mind do you think Britain or the US wants to rule Zimbabwe??This time Zanu pf cannot “rig” the economy, surely.. We will see! Good luck in job creation..not with these goons in leadership..Empowerment and indigenisation is mearnt for those who already have!!

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        george shava 9 years ago


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        Bruce 9 years ago

        Its sad that 33 years someone thinks is still under colony of Britain. You are just confused. ZANU PF is the one that has recolonise Zimbabwe hence the celebration is for thieves. For your on information, why is ZANU PF mortgaging the country to Chinese, the defence College in Harare, when we have one in Gweru, thieves. Diamond monies going in whose pocket. Shame on you

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    nesbert 9 years ago


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    What external investment was he looking for yet we have indigenisation policy? If you are the boss, you are fully accountable and not to start pointing fingers.Since he came to the helm of NRZ, employees started going without pay for months!I feel sorry for my former colleagues.Let’s hope its a relief now and not to have a similar replacement.

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    Another animal in human form down

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    Hango Yapalala 9 years ago


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    Everything that is touched by zpf zvinoparara.Railways, PTC, ZESA, municipalities,Roads. The list is too long. Sorry hako zanu. You have failed dismally.

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    Simon 9 years ago

    See if there was still a commercial farmer in that area im sure the fence would been there and no stray animal on the road. Reap what you dow they say…..pamberi zanu-pf……..next?

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    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    Asiya NRZ yakagwadama murume uyu! His soul wont rest bcoz of the suffering he left in peoples homes. Noone is immortal. Pfuti dzaaidada nadzo dzasara.

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    Judgement day comes for EVERYONE!!!! Need I say more

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    jongwe power 9 years ago

    Typical Zimbabwean Protester: “They beat us and burned our buttocks and raped our daughters and flaunted our wealth, but instead of growing some balls and putting out foot down, let’s curl up into a fetal position and pray to God for magic intervention. That’ll show them!”

    And we wonder why the world laughs at us.

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    Ishmael 9 years ago

    Nice on George. Imbwa dza vanhu.

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    adam jones 9 years ago

    what animal did his car colide with? cow, donkey, kudu ….. what? madara acho arikupera one by one. how can musoja run a railway undertaking? if NRZ was suffering because he was personally placed on the so called sunctions list, why did he not resign so that the parastal’s operations were not affected by his personal issue with who so ever placed in on that list? vese ifirapo. hatiende.