Zim’s next president a woman?

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DAKAR (Senegal) — Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Senegal Trudy Stevenson has expressed hope that the next leader of the country could be a woman.

Stevenson argued that a woman president in Zimbabwe will certainly raise the country’s profile in virtually every sphere.

She alluded to Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who has been in the position since 2004.

Liberia elected Africa’s first-ever woman head of State, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during the 2007 elections, while the Malawian President Joyce Banda succeeded Bingu Wa Mutharika who died last year.

Touching on the post-electoral climate in Zimbabwe, Stevenson was categorical: “there will be no post-electoral violence this year!”

She said Zimbabweans have learnt from their past mistakes in the aftermath of the 2008 presidential poll when scores were killed and injured.

“Generally speaking, Zimbabweans are not violent . . . we dislike violence and I doubt it very seriously if there would be any election-related violence.” she said.

She explained that “even a post-(President Robert) Mugabe Zimbabwe will remain peaceful and progressive,” adding, “the proof is that Zimbabweans have already yielded to Mugabe’s call to remain one, united and peaceful”.

Stevenson called on the international community, particularly Africans, not to believe in the “tales told about my country’s wrongs in the indigenisation and land reform process”.

She asked: “don’t you think it is fair for Zimbabweans to own only 51% of the businesses in the country and their land?”

Touching on the bilateral co-operation with Senegal, Stevenson said it ranges from education to mining, tourism and agriculture with the significant exchanges between the two countries.

Most importantly, she said that Senegal stands to benefit greatly from Zimbabwe’s experience in dairy farming and tourism in which the landlocked country has a comparative advantage.

“But we in Zimbabwe want to learn from Senegal’s experience in how people and animals co-exist in several of Senegal’s animal parks,” the envoy said with a smile suggesting admiration.

She revealed plans by the two countries to strengthen bilateral trade through a joint commission that will be holding soon in Harare.



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    gwabu 11 years ago

    Only idiots or a fool will say that the people of zimbabwe are peaceful failing to see who wants peace. its tsvangirai who wants peace and does not want war otherwise to say the truth you can do anything. ask zpf, and they will tell you that youth could be bought a few scuds (doro remasese) and be asked to kill.
    high levels of unemployment are very dangerous and zpf knows it. Stevenson should learn to talk sense and advise mugabe to lessen unemployment as a priority and fool herself by lying that zimbabweans do not want war. check what is happening in mozambique. its the leadership not people.

  • comment-avatar
    Charlie Cochrane 11 years ago

    Trudy Stevenson is a disgusting turncoat. Suggesting that mugabe’s Racist,Violent,murderous, destructive and vengeful land grab,and now his so called theft of 51% of established white and foreign businesses, should not be judged/questioned………have you lost your mind woman.You’re an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to your people, YES, your murdered, dispossessed, disenfranchised and abused fellow white zimbabweans who did nothing wrong other than spend 20 years in that God forsaken country working hard, building businesses, paying taxes and employing people just to have it taken away because we DARED to vote for a positive change for our country………

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    Shumba Liverpool 11 years ago

    I suppose Trudy really has no much choice..she after all represents
    current govt policy good or bad. Maybe if she had ben talking from Harvest House those statements would have raised eyebrows. But then again one cannot rule out that new experiences and the trappings of power can actually change one’s ideology. Dakar is a gem in Africa undelined by stiffling European influence (largely French)and it would seem that our Trudy has undergone re-education.

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    zvavharwa 11 years ago

    Wat can we say oz if we oppose the writer our comments will be deleted

  • comment-avatar
    Kennedy Kaitano 11 years ago

    Oh, no Trudy, you must have missed some news from home, or have you already started the campaign for Zanu PF five years ahead of the elections. The biggest likelihood os that you want to retain your Ambassador position. I wonder what Professor Ncube, who is eyeing presidency 2018, will say about this.

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    Here is one rational woman, who is ‘brave’ enough break ranks tell the truth.
    A lot of people are going to hell when they die because of parroting lies manufactured by the West thru their mouthpieces like BBC and CNN with their (West) to dominate the world.

  • comment-avatar
    Norest 11 years ago

    Mai mujuru