ZISCO: Mnangagwa’s grand promises

via ZISCO saga: Mnangagwa’s grand promises | The Zimbabwean by Brenna Matendere

The Zanu (PF) government will take necessary steps to revive the ailing Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company, including paying $2 million of salaries owed to workers, said Emmerson Mnangagwa, the party’s Legal Affairs Secretary and outgoing Defence Minister. He made the promise at a conference organised by the Midlands Show Society recently. Mnangagwa is one of the top Zanu (PF) officials accused of plundering ZISCO.

He then allegedly stalled a deal brokered by outgoing Industry Minister Welshman Ncube that was supposed to see Essar Africa Holdings making a $750 million investment into the company.

“ZISCO is under utilised because of the inclusive government. All that is gone because Zanu (PF) had a sweeping victory (in the July 31 polls). We will now ensure that ZISCO is back on its feet. All the problems faced by ZISCO will soon be over. We have the means,” said Mnangagwa.

His statements are contrary to reports by Ncube that Zanu (PF) stalled the Essar deal through Mines Minister Obert Mpofu who refused to give up iron ore claims, forcing the Indians to renege on their investment.



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    Kusvikazvanaka 11 years ago

    Take every word from this thief with a pitch of salt. For over 19 years they have been talking of reviving Zisco and I wonder whether they still take people as their objects. The problem also is we still ‘see’ these guys as small gods, we are supposed to ignore them totally all the time.

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    Chiplaz 11 years ago

    Very few or no vehicles /machines can move or work without any energy input in the form of fuel or any other energy.Only humans and workers in Zimbabwe ,Zisco and Hwange can go 3 months or over without going to the refill station. I remember the old days when I was in Hwange things were still good , plenty of overtime spares and parts available upon demand ,free accommodation water and electricity ,plenty of mangoes to go by ,so the salary issue was never dreamt of cause we produced surplus and our neighbours from zalawi used to come for our products in large numbers .We had it so what happened to all that we had .today no salaries , water , power cuts and no one knows about our future anymore.zimbabweans are best known for their hard working attitude but the least any regime can do is pay people on time every time

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    Sibangilizwe Lethu 11 years ago

    That is pure lie from this violent monster, for the past 33 years they have been destroying ZISCO. Can he do it now? Why now? Is he going to bring back that tractor which disappeared some years back.
    If he does then I trust he will revive ZISCO.
    Remember this company needs the up to date technology, it does not need to be run by an ex army person just because he or she was a freedom fighter. As always munangagwa will appoint such a person.
    Get the right people to run ZISCO. munangagwa take your hands of , you are the defence minister why do you want to be every where?
    ZIMBABWE is for ZIMBABWEANS not just for a few individuals who are exploiting their on people, like what the colonisers did. Is that what the independence of people mean?

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      NANSI LENDODA 11 years ago

      ED is Defence Minister and the Godfather of Midlands, so he must comment on issues affecting his children in Zisco/KweKwe and Midlands

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    all we do is listen, and listen, and listen..F*$%

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    nyasha 11 years ago

    zisco is all about leadership.The managers need to be pro-active.Lets not expect the government to do everything whilst asleep.Is zisco dead .You guys at zisco wake up and start sprawling.IT has distribution centres and what and what.Asi kutadza kuita chimwe chinhu chinoita tihore here.