Zuma’s adviser changes her tune on Mugabe

via Zuma’s adviser changes her tune on Mugabe, Zimbabwe election | African News | BDlive by Amogelang Mbatha

EUROPE and the US should engage with Zimbabwe and lift sanctions against President Robert Mugabe and his aides after his July 31 poll win, Lindiwe Zulu, one of President Jacob Zuma’s advisers on the Zimbabwean facilitation process, said on Thursday.

But her comments contradicted the barrage of criticism she made about the Zimbabwe electoral process before the poll.

In an interview, Ms Zulu credited Zanu (PF)’s victory on the opposition’s failure to unite.

Outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) and the splinter MDC led by Welshman Ncube chose to fight the poll separately, splitting the opposition vote. This made Mr Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) appear “stable and strong”, she said in an interview.

Mr Mugabe secured 61% of the vote and his Zanu (PF) captured two-thirds of the seats in parliament. The MDC said the vote was rigged. Local observers and western governments joined Mr Tsvangirai in criticising the conduct of the ballot. But South Africa, the region and the African Union gave the vote a thumbs-up.

“Europe and America must stop this stop-and-watch approach that they have for Zimbabwe,” said Ms Zulu, who had a drawn-out public row with Mr Mugabe just before the general elections.

In the run-up to the election, Ms Zulu was critical of the ruling Zanu (PF) government’s conduct, resulting in Mr Mugabe asking his South African counterpart to rein her in. This led to Ms Zulu’s silencing and a public rebuke from the South African Presidency.

Mr Mugabe and Ms Zulu appear to have made up at the Southern African Development Community summit in Malawi.

Ms Zulu also endorsed Mr Mugabe’s indigenisation programme, which threatens to force foreign and white-owned businesses to give black Zimbabweans a controlling stake in their local units. “It is time that the economic benefits from our countries benefit Africans as well,” she said.

Ms Zulu said although the reforms were held in haste, they were necessary. “He (Mr Mugabe) knows the game, he understands it and he is sharp,” she said.

Her statements came on a day when the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) slumped back into negative territory.

The exchange gave up earlier meagre gains as investors weighed the prospects of a new administration that was likely to entrench Mr Mugabe’s indigenisation-driven economic policies.

Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Southern Africa, has been reduced to a net importer of most basic goods and commodities, with manufacturing and industry mostly battling for viability and capacity utilisation.

There are reports that small, indigenous-owned banks, most of which have battled for survival in an increasingly competitive and illiquid environment, are now limiting cash withdrawals.

However, continued use of the dollar as a benchmark currency has provided some respite as the bourse rebounded off an 11% decline soon after announcement of Mr Mugabe’s victory in the first week of last month. On Wednesday, the bourse closed 0.16% up.




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    beck son 11 years ago

    She is confused,she doesn’t know the wrong and right thing

    • comment-avatar
      Mikko Chiko 11 years ago

      She went against ZANU PF to divert MDC, that was a staged game.Musatambe neTeam iyi munoita steady.

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    Think she was part of team ZPF from day one… Her pronouncements were part of a complex charade to lull the opposition into a false sense of security. Worked perfectly, sure a diamond or two exchanged hands… Welcome to the gravey train Ms. Zulu

  • comment-avatar
    collen 11 years ago

    this shows that really the Africans are now going to emancipate themselves. thumps up lady, we no longer entertain foreign thinking. till when should we always think british is best.

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    Tjingababili 11 years ago


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    Oo nhai 11 years ago

    Lift the sanctions. There will be no excuses then. Who or what will they blame when the impending calamity hits???

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    tanyara muchatiguta 11 years ago

    A real idiot and confused street woman as Mugabe said I guess she cant even tell who is the real father to her own kids.

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    Bribed at highest level soon mzansi will join us in adopting usa dollar,the way the rand is performing asazi kuzabathola.sadc is using zim as a case study yet them are not doing what zim is doing

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    I used to really admire Ms Zulu; she showed spunk and integrity and now I am wondering which diamond patch or farm she has been given???????

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    Gatsheni Khumalo 11 years ago

    This unfortunately is a clear sign of a spineless politician. Its surprising how easy its been to manipulate the SA politicians, they are obviously no match for Mugabe and Zanupf.

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    30 pieces of silver for mrs judas.

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    joseph 11 years ago

    An African tune of course, I’ts highly acceptable. For how long are we going to please the western bullies at our own expense.

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    Bazour Wa Kumuzi 11 years ago

    Mugabe who knows her better best described her this Miss Lindiwe Zulu who has four children from four different men. A street women indeed. They must given some ounces of diamond as they have done to her bosses in the ANC and then they gave her one of the Zanupf guys who took medication from a rhino horn. She likes men. The results are amazing.

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    james zvekuda 11 years ago

    If what Mugabe is doing is sharp. Why are the other Africans not learning and practicing it? Zimbabweans should feel and are a stupid bunch.