June Examination results are out

Source: June Examination results are out | The Herald August 11, 2017

The June Examination results are out! Students who sat for their examinations are able to collect their results slips from their respective examination centres.

Below is an official circular from ZIMSEC to assist Centre heads, candidates and parents to interpret the results.

Examinations Circular

Number 27 OF 2017

Notes and instructions on provisional results: June 2017 ZGCE Advanced and Ordinary Level examinations

1. Provisional results for centres

The following are supplied:

Two sets of individual statements of provisional results (results slips).

2. Individual candidates’ statements of provisional results

  • The statement of provisional results for each candidate is headed by the candidate’s name and (except for private candidates) centre name, followed by a list of syllabuses for which the candidate entered.
  • The candidate’s index number appears on the right of the candidate’s name.
  • ZIMSEC will forward two sets of statements of results to the Centre Head. The Centre should then pass one copy of the statement of results to the appropriate candidate.
  • No reliance should be placed on the accuracy of statements of provisional results should there be any unauthorised alteration, erasure or tear in it.
  • Since the statements of results constitute the ZIMSEC’s permanent record of the examination, any apparent errors e.g. if the name of a candidate does not correspond to the information supplied on the entry disk, should be reported to ZIMSEC immediately after the provisional results are received.
  • The statements of results are not certificates and may not necessarily be accepted by a University or public body.
  • Explanatory notes are printed on the statements of results.
  • ZIMSEC reserves the right to correct the information given on statements of results which are sent out before the issue of certificates.

3. Definition of grades

a) (i) The provisional result in a syllabus offered at Advanced Level is shown by one of the letters in the table below. Grades A, B, C, D and E are Advanced Level passes; Grade ‘A’ being the highest and Grade E the lowest.

‘O’ indicates that a candidate has failed to pass at Advanced Level but has been awarded a pass at Subsidiary Level.

The words ‘Advanced Level’ or ‘Subsidiary Level’ after the name of the syllabus confirm that a pass has been awarded at that level.

‘Fail’ indicates a standard below that required for either a pass at advanced or at subsidiary level.

b) (i) The grade in each complete syllabus taken is shown by one of the letters A to U. Ordinary Level Grades A, B or C denote that the candidate has reached the GCE standard. Grades D or E denote a lower level of attainment, but of sufficient standard to be recorded.

(ii) ‘U ungraded’ indicates a standard below that required for Grade E.

The provisional results in Subsidiary Level syllabuses are shown by a numerical grade (1 to 9). Grade 1 being the highest and Grade 9 the lowest. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are pass grades; 7, 8 and 9 are the fail grades.

‘X- Absent’ denotes that a candidate is absent in any one or all constituent papers.

‘M – No Result’ denotes some missing information pertaining to the subject.

‘W – Result Withheld’ in the case of suspected malpractice, indicates that results cannot be issued at present, but will follow after investigations have been conducted. The centre will be informed of the outcome.

‘N – Result Cancelled’ indicates that as a result of a breach of examination regulations ZIMSEC has decided not to issue a result.

(b) – A pass at Subsidiary Level awarded to candidates who failed to pass at Advanced Level is based either on the standard reached in the syllabus as a whole, or on the standard reached in a component of that syllabus.

(Circular to be continued in the next Examining the Examiner)