JUST IN: Abusive hubby apologises to wife before Magistrate

Source: JUST IN: Abusive hubby apologises to wife before Magistrate | The Herald

JUST IN: Abusive hubby apologises to wife before Magistrate

Ivan Zhakata

Court Correspondent

A Harare man, Mr William Chikoore, today promised to stop hitting his wife when Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Meenal Narotam granted his wife, Nyarai Nziramasanga, a protection order against him.

Nziramasanga had told the court that Chikoore assaulted and verbally abusing her whenever they had an argument, and that he did not respect her as his wife and was always threatening to kill her.

“I am applying for a protection order against my husband. We are married but he moved out because he was always in a habit of assaulting and verbally abusing me.

“At times he comes back home with a knife and threatens to kill me saying he cannot live without me. He once came with his nephews to take me out for a braai and on our way he started assaulting me until I had to get off while the vehicle was in motion,” Nziramasanga said.

She pleaded with the court to ban Chikoore from coming to their matrimonial house as he was always causing havoc whenever he visits.

Responding to the allegations, Chikoore asked for forgiveness and promised before the magistrate that he will not abuse Nziramasanga in any way

“I am asking for forgiveness. I will never do that again. All what she is saying is true. I am very sorry,” he said.

Ms Narotam granted the protection order but did not ban Chikoore from visiting their matrimonial house saying he had to be allowed to visit his children.

“Since the property is a matrimonial home, I cannot bar him from coming. By consent the protection order is granted,” she said.


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    mukanya 2 years ago

    Chikoore showed judiciary remorse for the sake of it only, very soon he will be back to his old practice and expect him in court soonest.