JUST IN: Diaspora critical to economic turnaround 

Source: JUST IN: Diaspora critical to economic turnaround | The Herald July 18, 2019

JUST IN: Diaspora critical to economic turnaroundMinister Mupfumira

From Isdore Guvamombe in BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom
Government takes the Diaspora community as a critical sector that cannot be left out in the country’s turnaround strategy and achievement of vision 2030.

Addressing Zimbabweans living in Birmingham, England last night, Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Prisca Mupfumira said Zimbabwe’s re-engagement, reconstruction, Transitional Stabilisation Programme and even Vision 2030, will be difficult to attain without the participation of the Zimbabwean Diaspora Community.

“As Government we will do everything in our powers to ensure that our Diaspora Community participates in the Second Republic’s reconstruction and we are aware of the fact that it will be difficult to achieve all projects without our diaspora community.

” To you our Diaspora community we say dont be left out. Come home and visit. Come home and invest. You are our brand ambassadors. Raise the country’s flag high,” she said.

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  • comment-avatar
    Biodiversity 4 years ago

    When we are allowed to vote we might consider the offer.   By the way, we are not ‘Your’ diaspora.

  • comment-avatar
    Mapingu 4 years ago

    In Zimbabwe is all talk & jive no sincerity about anything, as far as government officials are concerned. How do we even feel free to come home, let alone to invest, when everyone is clearly angry with us. Zanu pf government has never hidden its disdain and hatred of diaspora community. They insult us without provocation, calling us all sorts of names – sellouts, cowards, etc. At border posts, customs officials are always angry and frowning at us. The only time they stop snarling and force something like simile is when one deliberately pulls out a USD$10 or something like that and say may you please buy yourself a drink sir/madam. Police officers and soldiers its even much worse. It’s just not possible to drive from Beit Bridge border to Harare without parting with at least USD$40 just to buy your passage. Police will just harass and cook up one illegality after another – sometimes even asking and fining you for ZBC radio licences yet you have just entered Zimbabwe. You fail to understand where they would have expected you to get such a thing before entering Zimbabwe – and they dont even issue such documents at point of entry. Soldiers often ask questions why are you come to Zimbabwe at this particular time? Its a favorite questions when the country is approaching elections – and you get harassed for coming home. On the other hand, people from other countries endure much less of all this harassment, as a matter of fact. So, how can it ever be true that diaspora community is welcome in Zimbabwe. No ways! Yes, our money is most welcome to them but not the people.

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 4 years ago

    Yes! Because remittances by Diasporas are easily looted.

  • comment-avatar
    Cde Chando 4 years ago

    You deny me my basic right to VOTE and yet you say that I cannot be left out!!!!!!

    All you want is my pound £££££££

    —- Sucker

  • comment-avatar
    JAMES 4 years ago

    And without allowing them voting rights it’s simply wasting time . All zimbaeans are eagerly waiting for leadership that will embrace them totally and it’s not something hard to ask for. Let’s learn from others