JUST IN: ED releases Motlanthe Commission report 

Source: JUST IN: ED releases Motlanthe Commission report | The Herald December 18, 2018

JUST IN: ED releases Motlanthe Commission reportPresident Mnangagwa

Herald Reporter
President Mnangagwa today released the report on the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 shootings as per his promise.


The incident left six people dead and destroyed property worth millions of dollars.

In its findings, the commission noted that the violence was premeditated and the deployment of the military justified.

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    Wait a minute! Did the Presdent need a commission of inquiry to tell the nation to investigate crime? Really? Did he need a commission of inquiry to tell him that the soldiers acted ultra vires their powers? Did he need a commission of inquiry to recommend that POSA and AIPPA are drconian pieces of legislation that have no place in a democratic nation?

    Why is it that internal procedures are recommended on heartless murders of civilians who were acting within their constitutional mandate? Is the internal process recommendation not a cover up? How can murder be dealt with internally by people who ordered the killings? Are their commanders not the same people who lied under oath that their subjects did not kill people? Are they not the same people who claimed the shootings were at forty five degrees when the vidoes showed point blank range firing of unarmed civilians?
    Does the method that is recommended build confidence in the country? Why is the judiciary being sidelined on this one? Does this address the issue of political legitimacy? Does it help mend the economy? Does it help in the healing process? Does it address the deployment of soldiers in the communities before, during and after the plebiscite? Does it settle the issue of the suspicion that the election was won through the barrel of the AK47 assault rifle? Do we, as a nation, get healed from the fear instilled by ZANU that the president would shoot his way back to State House? Does it tell the world that the country has moved from the Mugabe error?

    Do we get closer to closing the long history of state sponsored violence in the form of Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, short sleeves, operation mavhtera papi, the incineration of the likes of Mabika and Tichaona, the murders of the likes of Ndira, the lack of development and infrustural development in Ndebele speaking areas and the unexplained disappearances such as those that took place during Gukurahundi, the Nabanyamas and the Dzamaras who challenged the ZANU regime? My personal take is that this was a sheer waste of time and money. Things that are being said by this commission are common cause and did not need people that thought there was evidence when there was either history or current affairs. The killings cannot be said to be new. They go back to the murders of Hebert Chitepo, Nikita Mangena, Josiah Tongogara, JZ and others. The events point us back to the divisions created in the liberation movement by selfifh people who could stop at nothing when it came to gaining and retaining power. You may have struggled for this nation to gain independence but without the elusive one man one vote principle we are just playing child games where we create cattle and cars out of mud. There is need for an independent electoral commission that is not controlled by politicians but professionalism.