JUST IN: Immigration speaks on immigrants 

Source: JUST IN: Immigration speaks on immigrants | The Herald 10 DEC, 2018JUST IN: Immigration speaks on immigrants

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
The Department of Immigration has intensified its ongoing operation following an increase in the number of foreigners who flout the country’s immigration laws.

According to the department, they have since last month arrested several immigrants who are set to appear in court soon while others have been deported to their countries.

In a statement yesterday, the Department of Immigration’s public relations officer Mrs Cantona Magaya said those intercepted were found using various tactics to circumvent due processes.

“The Department of Immigration has enhanced its post-entry monitoring mechanisms following detection of a sizeable number of immigrants flouting the country’s Immigration laws.

“These included identity theft, tendering fraudulent documents to acquire visas and work permits as well as entering the country illegally,” she said.

She cited the case of a Russian national, Leykin Yury, who was deported on November 19, 2018.

“He was apprehended during an operation where it was established that he had no legal status to remain in the country and was engaged in employment. He was convicted for contravening the Immigration Act and subsequently deported,” Mrs Magaya said.

In another case, a Chinese and Ugandan national were recently convicted and deported for illegally staying in the country and engaging in occupational activities.

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