JUST IN: President calls for calm in Mozambique

Source: JUST IN: President calls for calm in Mozambique | The Herald 23 OCT, 2019

JUST IN: President calls for calm in MozambiquePresident Mnangagwa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
President Mnangagwa in his capacity as the Sadc Chairperson on the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation has called on Mozambicans to remain calm while results for their recently held elections are being compiled and validated.

The President said this in a statement today following the 2019 Presidential, Legislative and Provincial Elections held in Mozambique on October 15.

“Sadc reiterates its call to stakeholders to remain calm while the results continue to be compiled for the final validation and proclamation by the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Mozambique,” President Mnangagwa said.


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    Cynical 1 year ago

    Both members of the Sadc Old Boys Club, brothers in arms, Presidents for life.

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      Saddened 1 year ago

      Both financially and morally corrupt. SADAC/AU inspired dictatorships

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    Njewa 1 year ago

    Look who is talking ??.