Key MDC T official dumps Tsvangirai

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Key MDC T official dumps Tsvangirai.  9 June 2014   by Staff Reporter

MDC T Manicaland Province Treasurer Brian James has immediately resigned from the Morgan Tsvangirai led troubled party.In a letter written to Tsvangirai over the weekend James announced his immediate resignation from the party stating that the party’s diversion from the founding values of the MDC was his main reason for quitting the party.

“My reasons for this resignation are many and varied but suffice it to include my dismay at conduct carried out by members in Manicaland, with support in the National Standing Committee, that are contrary to the Party’s founding principles,” writes James in his resignation letter.

James says his resignation comes following a letter that was written to him by party (Acting) Secretary General Tapiwa Mashakada which was un ceremonially handed to him while in court as a complainant against three members of the party loyal to Morgan Tsvangirai in the on going wrangles in the opposition party.

James is the complainant on behalf of the party against Misheck Kagurabadza (70), a former Mutare mayor and Mutasa South MP, who is jointly charged with Knowledge Nyamhoka (42) and Allan Mukodzani (34) on charges of unlawful entry and theft after the trio broke into the party offices in Mutare to “recover” some property which was in the custody of those they presumed to be against Tsvangirai.

In his resignation letter James, who is also former Mayor of Mutare and once a very close ally of Morgan Tsvangirai , accuses party leadership of condoning lawlessness in the party which has made it difficult for him to work in the party.

“It has become increasingly difficult for me to defend the Party in private and public forums while witnessing violence, corruption and criminal activity and the inaction of the National Leadership of containing this activity,” says the letter.

The MDC T is currently surviving in two factions one led by (suspended or not suspended) Secretary General Tendai Biti which is calling for the retirement of Tsvangirai and another for the retention of Tsvangirai presidency.

The pro Tsvangirai faction has resultantly come up with militia of youth members who are applying violence and intimidation against those calling for change of party presidency. Several senior party leaders and members have fallen victims to the militia with the party not bringing anyone for disciplinary action.

At the formation of the MDC in 1999, one of the party’s key values was to desist from violence, theft and corruption which were perceived to be symptoms of ZANU PF which the party sort to replace in governance.

James takes swipe at the party leadership accusing them of turning the party into the very same behaviour they sort to fight against in ZANU PF.

“I have given ten years of my time to further the founding principles of the Movement for Democratic Change and have witnessed the sacrifices of so many loyal supporters over these years only to see their efforts betrayed by careless and unnecessary actions of some members who seem to find it difficult to distance themselves from and engage in the most heinous crimes that are more associated with the very people that we were hoping to dislodge in the political arena here in Zimbabwe!”

James and Tsvangirai have for a long time been very close and rumours in the party were for sometime circulating that Tsvangaria was planning to make James party Treasurer General in place of (self) exiled Roy Bennett.

Their relations soured before last year’s general elections when James was part of a group that was advising Tsvangirai not to participate in the elections without reforms. Tsvangirai confident of victory refused to take the advise accusing those calling for the boycott of being against him being head of state.


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    peters 8 years ago

    Brian James is not a key member instead he is part of Bit’s team therefore he can not be a key member i wish him all the best of success in his future personal and political endeavours the door is always open should he decide to come back we thank him for his contributions to the people’s project

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    Chirutanga 8 years ago

    Let him go.He is not a key figure.MDC-T has got better human resource to substitute this sell out.

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    Africanson 8 years ago

    Zimbabweans must learn to be tolerant. Once you differ in opinion you are labeled a traitor. You begin to wonder if there will ever be any room for democracy in the country. That is the reason why some influential people in Zimbabwe have decided to stay out of politics. At in business forums you are given space to present your paper and take questions. In politics its a game of brainwashing. The leaders take everything while the general populace eat bread crumbs. You are made to ululate for the destruction of your country end of the leader make money while you’re facing job loss.

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    who cares?

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    Go Jimmy go please no cent will turn our heart. All we need is democratic Zim not DONOR REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE. You can form your DRZ with Tendai and company. Poor Tsvangirai forever, forward gear, no right no left turn

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    Davy Mufirakureva 8 years ago

    vari kuzvinetsa

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    let him rest, we thank him for his contributions but he wasnt that key as stated. we will stand with the current set up of the team MDC T …hande Tsvangirai wangu haticheuke sure tinosvika chete tikanosungura mabhaudhi avakasungira zimbabwe toisawo edu matsva akasimba kwete apera nengura (rust)

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    mandy 8 years ago

    Yes indeed Brian James was never a senior member of the MDC T. In fact he represents those who came into the MDC with aim of hi jacking it for his racist reasons. I want be to be clear here that I have nothing against whites or any other color for that matter. Brains James was proposed by Roy Bennett who then held sway because he held the pursue strings. Never before had Brian James worked with the community. Even after being entrusted with responsibility as mayor he kept his secluded company.

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    Brian James left the MDC-T long back together with Mangoma and Biti. I wonder how is this current news?

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    Daniel 8 years ago

    If you dont agree with everything we say please leave.Sounds very much like ZANU PF way of operating.Then you lot are really hoping for genuine democracy!!!! Dream on!

  • comment-avatar
    Chara 8 years ago

    If Brian James served the party for 10 years then it means he joined the party in 2004 which is like yesterday.You can leave Mr James you are so insignificant.