KITFT preps gather momentum 

Source: KITFT preps gather momentum -Newsday Zimbabwe

Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT)

ORGANISERS of the annual edition of the Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT) say the internationally-acclaimed fishing event will run from October 11 to 13 at the National Angling Union of Zimbabwe in Charara.

The KITFT tournament, which has been held since 1962, sees anglers compete in teams to catch the tiger fish which is regarded as an iconic species.

“We started preparing for the 2023 tournament almost as soon as the 2022 one ended. There are regular committee meetings being held with progress being made on all fronts on a daily basis,” said tournament marketing contractor, David McAllister.

Indications are that there will be well over 100 competing teams.

“A new development this year is TigerFest… a pre-tournament festival to be held at Borrowdale Country Club on the 9th of September. We wanted to create an event where people could come down and learn more about KITFT without having to travel to Kariba,” McAllister said.

“This event will give them a chance to meet the committee and to interact with the sponsors, see some of the prizes up for grabs and test their skills in some fishing games. People that are interested in fishing at KITFT will be able to enter on the day and there will be a team of volunteers on hand with information and encouragement.”

In 2022, KITFT introduced the catch and release method that has been commended especially by conservationists.

In catch and release, anglers release unharmed tiger fish back to the water.