Kwekwe mayor allays water shortage fears

Source: Kwekwe mayor allays water shortage fears | The Herald June 26, 2019

Kwekwe mayor allays water shortage fearsClr Kasipo

Midlands Bureau
Kwekwe City Mayor Councillor Angeline Kasipo has allayed fears of water shortages in the city, saying there is abundant water at Sebekwe Dam which the city relies on.

In an interview, Clr Kasipo said the water levels at the dam were still above 60 percent and was enough to take the city to the next rainy season.

There has been an outcry from other local authorities in the Midlands province over dwindling water levels at their supply dams.

Shurugwi Town Council recently announced that they were seeking partners to augment water reticulation system, with the city supply dam, Impali now at 31 percent.

Gweru city council introduced water rationing two months ago, with the water levels at Gwenoro Dam now reportedly at 21 percent.

Clr Kasipo said Kwekwe city was not in the red in terms of water supplies and residents should expect normal supplies.

“We still have enough water and our water levels at Sebekwe are still okay,” she said. “We are doing normal pumping and the water levels can take us to the next rainy season.”

Clr Kasipo said the water levels were enough to supply even Kwekwe City’s sister town, Redcliff.

“Remember, we also supply Redcliff with treated water,” she said. “We might have challenges in the supply of water due to breakdowns and shortages of chemicals, but we have abundant raw water supplies.”

Kwekwe City announced recently that they were mulling plans to set up a water purification plant in a bid to boost the city’s revenue collections.

Acting town clerk, Mrs Luca Mkandla, told a recent full council meeting that the local authority was taking advantage of the abundance of water to set up the plant.

“We have abundant water supplies in Kwekwe and we are one of the cities with the best water and we will take this advantage to set up our own water bottling plant,” she said.