LATEST: Commotion as petrol goes for 15 cents

Source: LATEST: Commotion as petrol goes for 15 cents | The Herald June 3, 2016

Sharon Kavhu
There was commotion Thursday morning at Floyd Petroleum station at corner Leopold Takawira Avenue and Kwame Nkrumah street in Harare as motorists rushed to buy petrol which was being sold at $3 per 20 litres.
In an event which was believed to be punishment for failing to meet legal regulations for running a fuel service station, Floyd Petroleum sold the commodity at a giveaway price of 15 cents per liter with a minimum of 20 liters which cost $3.

Some people were buying in huge containers while others were filling their vehicle to full capacity.
Normally fuel is sold at roughly $1, 20 per litre.- MORE TO FOLLOW