Learner drivers get lockdown reprieve 

Source: Learner drivers get lockdown reprieve | The Herald

Learner drivers get lockdown reprieve

Herald Reporter
Learner drivers, holders of defensive driving certificates and bus drivers were granted a reprieve yesterday if their licences or certificates expired during the lockdown or they were required to undergo a new test.

The validity of learner driving licences and defensive driving certificates expiring after 30 March during the lockdown are automatically extended by 180 days or until the lockdown ends, whichever is sooner.

Drivers of public service vehicles, mainly bus drivers, who were due for a retest during the lockdown have been deemed to be successful and can continue working until the lockdown ends, but then will be required to take their re-test on a date to be set by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development.

The reprieve was announced in an amendment to the lockdown regulations gazetted yesterday by the Health Minister.

The same amendment also requires those in the hotel and restaurant industry starting work since the start of the lockdown, or from 20 June, to be tested for Covid-19 and obtaining a Covid-19 free certificated within 21 of the start of work, and then at intervals to be set by the Health Minister.