Legislator declares war on drug dealers

Source: Legislator declares war on drug dealers | The Herald

Legislator declares war on drug dealers
Cde Tongai Mnangagwa

Muchaneta Chimuka
Herald Correspondent
HARARE South legislator Cde Tongai Mafidi Mnangagwa has warned people peddling drugs, which he says  are ruining many youths.

Speaking at an anti-drug campaign programme organised by Shifting Your Mindset Organisation at Tariro Youth Centre in Hopley, Harare, over the weekend, Cde Mnangagwa said it was disheartening that the lives of youths were being destroyed by abusing drugs.

Drug abuse is rampant in high density suburbs and other congested areas. Cde Mnangangwa underscored the need to heavily man all ports of entry to reduce smuggling of drugs.

“It is very sad that lives of different youths are being lost because of the illicit drugs being sold. So we are moving in different communities talking about this issue of drug abuse, hearing their views and asking them where these drugs are coming from,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

“As an MP, I am declaring war on all drug cartels in the country and I am warning them that their days are numbered. It is better to go for them and cut the supply. If there are drug dealers who are hiding behind politicians in power, we want to expose that and everyone should be accountable for their actions.”

He said the war against drug dealers was starting in Hopley.

The legislator said he will work with different organisations such as Shifting Your Mindset, to end drug abuse.

“We are currently working on several projects to ensure that our youths can spend much of their time productively than taking drugs that affect their health and self-esteem,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

Cde Mnangagwa proposed an outreach where he will meet parents and set up projects to ensure that youths were occupied with something instead of taking drugs.

Zimbabwe Community Health Intervention Research Project (ZICHIRE) programmes manager, Mr Walter Chikanya, said drug abusers needed rehabilitation.