Lessons Zimbabwe must learn as we celebrate

Zimbabwe is at a Pivotal Point in its history:

There are many lessons which we must take from the events of the past week and we must meditate and apply these to our lives.

FOR R.G. MUGABE = Never build a support base based on an unprincipled constituency. Never buy people but give them a sense of vision and value and let them support you for your values and not your brutality.

FOR GRACE MUGABE: = When you find yourself in a forum you dont deserve, enjoy the honour and respect of those you found there. Greed is a cancer that always kills the victim.

FOR E.D. MUNANGAGWA: = When given another chance, change your ways and recognise that others walked that way before you and are now in a very sad place. You were a part of what we hate so prove yourself to us.

FOR G40: = Life can change when you least expect it to. Never count your chickens before they are hatched because GOD cannot be bought with money and when he flicks the button you are gone.

FOR THE LACOSTE CLAN: = There is a good chance you will be in a priviledged place soon. We have very good memories and we see very little difference between you and the soon to be deposed president. Prove to us that you are worthy of our respect.

FOR ZRP: = Never operate against your stated charter “To Serve and Protect” because deviation from that makes you irrelevant. You had many years to reform and you refused. Today Zimbabweans are overjoyed to see you fold your tails and hide away. We as Zimbabweans have become more afraid of you than of criminals because you became the criminals. Reform and never again allow yourselves to become a self-serving entity when you were supposed “To serve and Protect” the people.

FOR GENERAL CHIWENGA: = We respect and honour you for your part in this change process. We however are not blind to the fact that you were always a part of the suffering we have endured for 37 years. You said that “War Vets are the custodians of our Independence”. No Sir WRONG, We Zimbabweans are the custodians of our Independence. To us you are atoning for your part in our pain in the past. You are our hero right now.  Lets keep it that way. Kindly remember you are here to serve us.

FOR WAR VETS: = You were used willingly to be the instruments of pain and destruction  . .but thank GOD, some of you turned over a new leaf and begun to realise that you had all become pawns for one family in the whole country. Please stop threatening us with war credentials. We know the sacrifices that were made by those who went before us and we also know that we wouldnt be where we are today had it not been for your sacrifice. Dont compromise your legacy by holding the war credentials against us. By now you should have catalogued our war of liberation properly, and not feed us with political lies but with facts that we can teach our kids as part of our pride and history.

FOR ZANU PF: = Yours has been an embarrassing last 25 years. You have lots of work to do. We have felt raped as a nation. Never again will we allow for the likes of Jabulani Sibanda (who is now a friend) or the Chipangas and many other thugs who murdered and pillaged in the name of the party whilst you boasted of having degrees in violence. Many people were displaced and many lost their lives because of you to what benefit? Today you passed a vote of no confidence on the candidate you endorsed less than 14 days ago. HOW was that possible that all of you agreed on the first decision then on the third? Because you have no principles. YOU NEED TO REINVENT YOURSELVES FOR THE BETTER.

FOR ZIMBABWEANS: = We must never again allow anyone to do to us what happened to our nation. WE were pillaged raped and murdered until we became so docile we couldnt even speak. Our moneys were stolen by the Gono RBZ in 2007 and then now again dejavu again in 2016 under the Mangudya RBZ.

We must demand a constitution that protects the people and not a PRESIDENT. We must remember that political representatives are not our bosses BUT we are the bosses because we are the ones who elect them. We must ensure that we elect those who we want to lead us without having to murder our neighbours and brothers. We must demand accountability from the Members of Parliament. We condemn the fancy expensive cars they buy for themselves while our people are starving. We condemn the situation where our Government Ministers are having 4 cars every 4 years when European Government  Ministers (who are  a billion times richer than we are) use simple basic cars to perform  better service for their people. We condemn rewarding people who have stolen from us. We need to have all the stolen money stashed in banks accounts abroad (including from those who are here right now) returned back to the country to develop our economy. We need to recover all the land from Chombo and Phillip Chiyangwa. We need the Wicknels and those who have boasted of their ill-gotten wealth arrested and audited so that we can have somewhere to start. We have a lot of rebuilding to do and now is the time to get over the euphoria and start a conversation on the ZIMBABWE WE WANT.