Letter to my People: Caught with hands in cookie jar

Source: Letter to my People: Caught with hands in cookie jar – The Standard

MDC leader Dougie Mwonzora suffered yet another defeat

My Dear People.

AFTER the hullabaloo that preceded Ngwena’s visit to the United Kingdom to witness the coronation of King Charles, it has turned out to be a damp squib if not a major embarrassment.

The visit which was celebrated by state media as a major victory on the re-engagement front was characterised by meetings in which Ngwena was rapped on the knuckles for his failure to implement basic reforms.

What must have been particularly galling for the clueless octogenarian leader was being told by the Commonwealth secretary general Patricia Scotland that as long as he clamps down on demonstrations and locks up members of the opposition for simply exercising their right to protest, he can smile and forget about rejoining the Commonwealth.

While other African leaders who include Rwandan President Paul Kagame were meeting up with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and King Charles 111, our Ngwena was stuck in meetings with the   United Kingdom minister of African Affairs Andrew Mitchell where he was lectured like a naughty school kid on basics such as the need for good governance and free and fair elections as well as meeting former British prime minister Tony Blair whom Gushungo told numerous times to go hang due to his penchant for criticising his wise leadership .

To add insult to injury, he was seated at the very back row of seats for leaders at the coronation event.

One needed binoculars to spot him in the crowd kkkk.

I nearly dropped my pricey chinaware reading in one state rag that the visit was a masterstroke. Munopenga!!

I might soon have to send them a bill should I break any of my precious cups due to shock induced by the hyperbole and outright lies they spew.

It makes me wonder whether these state hacks actually know the meaning of some of these words they splash on the front pages of their rags.

A headline screaming NIGHTMARE! would have been more appropriate to describe Ngwena’s disastrous trip.

MDC leader Dougie Mwonzora suffered yet another defeat last  week.

Mwonzora, who has become a specialist in defeat, failed in his bid to have the elections postponed for the purpose of redoing the delimitation process.

I almost felt sorry when the defeated Dougie put on a brave face and vowed to keep fighting.

His lame bravado had the impact of dripping tap water on a raging forest fire.

His fear of elections is understandable given his party’s dreadful performance during last year’s by-elections in which they failed to garner even a single parliamentary or local council seat.

Since he took over the leadership by the foulest of means, it has been setback after setback for the bespectacled fellow.

It is little wonder why party members are trying to get rid of their failure-riddled leader especially with harmonised elections around the corner.

As sure as I am a respected doctor, Mwonzora’s party will suffer another massacre at the polls this year, which hopefully will send it into oblivion.

It will be good riddance to an opposition political leader who owes his relevance by hanging on to Ngwena’s coattails.

The dispensation of darkness, poverty and confusion was at its usual worst with the gazetting of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act.

The law brazenly allows the regime to hide from the public and taxpayers how the government, using public money buys or disposes among other things medicines and drugs, vehicles including ambulances and construction equipment.

This was obviously concocted to allow looting on a grand scale without the niceties of transparency and accountability.

In Gushungo’s time as the country’s wisest leader, anyone who would have even suggested such nonsense would have been fired on the spot but such is the caliber of leadership exhibited by this so-called Second Reprubic that such madness even reached the stage of being gazetted.

Now fellow Zimbabweans you can see why I went to such great lengths to warn you about this corrupt and probity deficient Ngwena.

Only a fool will believe the hogwash by Ngwena’s regime  that the law had not been approved as it sheepishly rescinded the gazette, which it bizarrely claimed to be in the “national interest”.

The truth is that alert Zimbabweans caught them with their hands in the cookie jar.

They were laying the groundwork for massive looting that would have been a replica of Draxgate.

After all, the garrulous and eager to please spokesman of Ngwena’s circus government, Nick had already come out in full force to defend this outrage.

With such impoverished leadership, we are doomed as a country.

There has been a lot of celebration on the discovery of some oil by Invictus.

I would share the excitement, but given the current vultures that callously removed Gushungo on the back of guns are in charge, I fear that the country’s citizens will not benefit a dime from this discovery.

Gushungo revealed that diamonds worth US$15 billion were looted with my fellow Zimbabweans left poorer than they were before the diamonds were discovered.

One can only imagine what will happen when this greedy lot gets its grubby hands on any revenue that will come from this discovery.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)