List Of Mugabe’s CIOs Fired For Allowing Mujuru Into Blue Roof Residence

4th February 2018

Ray Nkosi | The panic stricken President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has fired former President Robert Mugabe’s security agents, after the explosive meeting the latter had with his former deputy Joice Mujuru.

Mujuru came out of the Blue Roof residence on fire telling the world that indeed a coup had taken place, just when the G-40 faction under a new party the New Patriotic Front was also unleashing damning evidence to regional bodies in Africa on the coup.

The evidence revealed to Mujuru by Mugabe himself who has not been seen walking a free man on the streets in Zimbabwe, and the firing of his security agents point towards a situation that is getting more volatile and explosive.

The list of CIOs fired leaked to ZimEye, is as follows, unedited; Nyamudahondo DCI Gweshe DCI Tachivei CI Nguluve DSEC DIO Rusere Hre Cent PIO Mash East PIO Mash West Ass Director Changata B5 Dtech Hwekwete Director Economics Madzingira DAdmin Mlambo.

The state owned Sunday Mail further betrays the crackdown against Mugabe his wife Grace and their supporters as it quotes intelligence sources saying all indications were that the G40 cabal still had a grip on Mugabe’s decision-making through Mrs Mugabe.

“The initial plan was to have Grace lead the party, but then the name Joice Mujuru came up as a compromise because Grace’s political activities are still fresh in the minds of the nation. `New Patriotic Front’ has been brandished as a possible brand because the idea is to make it appear that this project is indigenous and Pan-African.

“A document has been crafted to that effect; to extol the virtues of Zimbabwe’s heroes because that is how a people comes together, around its heroes and myths. They will try to push forward the names of national heroes, which is where Mujuru comes in, even as they try to put back on track what is largely a self-serving agenda to grab power at all costs.”

Following this rumour, a weekly paper reports that President Emmerson Mnangagwa ended up holding an emergency meeting with his deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

The development has seen more intelligence agents being fired. CIO sources told 17 senior CIO officers and 10 senior external officers together with their bosses have been fired. Their names were not revealed at the time of writing. – More to follow