Source: LIVE BLOG: MWENEZI MEET THE PEOPLE RALLY | The Herald February 16, 2019


1551: President Mnangagwa has finished his address and that concludes our updates. Thank you for joining us.

1539: “In Bulawayo before the violence they were mobilising people advising them places where they can access legal and medical assistance
. Pamberi neZanu-PF! Pamberi nekubatana…Negwara remusangano…Pasi nemhandu! I leave you with this word…You know each other in every village, If you see any stranger alert your leaders so that we know their mission. That is how we maintain peace,”

1536: “We now have a scheme for civil servants including teachers for housing. We also have a recruitment programme for 3000 teachers
. We want at least 20 to 25 pupils per class. I want to thank you. I never imagined that a rally in Mwenezi can surpass a rally in town. You are the leaders because it’s you who elect those who are here at the top table. When we went to the African Union summit last week, we dispatched envoys to brief regional leaders.

President Mnangagwa is welcomed by party leaders

1532: “Your leaders need to do is to identify families in need so that they are assisted on time. Youth League should be vibrant kwete kungoti tonhooo. Be proactive and say we have are projects and then we assist you. Women here in Masvingo I was told you were given 1 000 goats by Angel of Hope…that is what we want. In the mining sector there has been a programme assisting small mining groups with equipment. We thank teachers for stopping their strike. We agreed that we are going to have our cost of living adjustment in April,”

1529: “Only MDC alliance did not show up. We shall discuss with these other parties on how to move our countries forward while MDC Alliance continues barking in the wilderness. Jerusalem was built one brick at a time and that is what we are going to do building our country,”

1526: “They say we have won elections and we say how is that possible when Zec results are showing that Zanu-PF won. They are just making noise and it’s allowed in a democratic state but they should do that in a peaceful way. I met leaders of other parties and said elections are behind us what can we do to move the country forward. They said who is going to be the convener because we are equal. I said its okay and I looked for a cleric who turned out to be an opposition activist so I dropped him. We had a successful meeting,”

1522: “We are saying we can’t continue crying but should work using our hands. We are asking those who imposed sanctions on us what crime have we committed against them? Why should someone in Scotland be angered by a programme of land redistribution in Zimbabwe. We are saying those who have severed ties with us come back but on an equal footing and those who want to establish new relations are free to come as well. My visit to Eurasia was successful and agricultural machinery is coming. Those overzealous people in Harare let them be,”

1519: “The focus of this Government is development, development, production, production, skills skills. This is the only way we can develop our country. No one can develop Zimbabwe for us. All this is possible on a peaceful environment. No to violence. As I said before, I thank you for not partaking in violence. As we continue to meet the people countrywide our message is all about peace. We have our re-engagement policy. The country has been under sanctions for 20 years and that has caused serious damage to our economy,”

1513: “We come to the issue of schools. We have a bill that is coming. We want to go back to the 1980s situation where Primary Education should be for free. This new law will compel parents to send their children to school. We don’t want any difference between a child in town and a child in rural areas. We want science subjects to be taught in all schools. Former president Mugabe was giving computers to schools with electricity and that it was noble initiative. That is in keeping with the fact that our power is drawn from rural areas. I attended a research symposium in Harare. I was amazed by what I saw. I was happy to recognise the talent in school kids,”

1511: “I said to Cde Chadzamira to come with that white farmer denying people water to my office on Monday. There is Save Conservancy and Malilangwe Trust and they are still owned by the whites. We are independent and we are masters of our country. We are masters of our destiny and masters of the wealth given to this county by God. We must determine how to use those resources nekuti ndezvedu. We can’t have have wealth vamwe vachingokambura vachingokambura isu takatarisa,”

1507: “We have been told again that some areas do not have radio and TV network. Give us the list so that we can give the responsible minister a directive to rectify that. You have more gold here. Before I talk about that we have an unfortunate incident where some of our people were trapped in a mine in Kadoma. I hear you have diamonds here…Don’t mine them because they belong to the State
. We have a Russian company called Alrosa that is coming in May and we may prioritise this area. We are told there are some farm owners who are denying people drinking water,”


1506: “I want to talk about our rail line from Maputo. We want it to be reconstructed from Chikwalakwala to Gweru and another one will branch to Masvingo. We should shun the behaviour of thinking that because we don’t receive rains here in Mwenezi so we should just wait for Government. Those near water bodies should do small farming projects. Presidential input scheme will be in place forever. We have doubled our allocations under this scheme. We have been briefed that you need more boreholes here. Let me tell you that we have borehole rigs in Masvingo and your leadership should decide areas that should be prioritised,”

1458: “On Command Agriculture, I here things are not moving well. The leader of the programme withheld fuel and lied that the fuel had not been provided. Listen now if you are here, We are watching you as the Government and we can remove you. On this road Beitbridge-Harare…. We once gave the tender to Geiger. We challenged the company to show us evidence that it once undertook a project of a similar nature but it failed so we cancelled that deal. We are negotiating with others but we have already started construction of the road on our own,”

1453: We have resuscitated Zupco. We secured 500 buses from Belarus and most will ply rural routes. We have also bought 200 buses locally and from South Africa, they will also ply rural routes again. They will charge fares that we want. We want rural economies in line with devolution. I will name the Minister of State for Harare province next week. We will have 25 000 hectares of irrigation at Tugwi Mukosi when the master plan is completed. We are constructing another one along Runde river.”

1451: “They are planning again and I want to tell the nation that those who want peace please stay at home but those who want violence go on the streets and then we will deal with you. Thank you people of Masvingo because you said you want development. As Government we will also intensify our development in rural areas because people in those areas want development,”

1448: “As Zanu-PF we were preaching peace and I want to thank you. The violence we are witnessing now is what MDC Alliance was referring to ‘pavaiti tichadira jecha’. As Zanu-PF we will continue to preach peace to develop our country. In Harare and Bulawayo the violent protesters were blocking people from going to work. We said we don’t want violence. We deployed the army to restore peace and order. There is now peace,”

1446: “We have violent disturbances organised by MDC Alliance and some NGOs. We are compiling the list of those NGOs. They looked and damaged property especially in Bulawayo. They burnt police vehicles and killed police officers,”

1443: “We are yet to use our National Strategic Grain reserve. We are still using the surplus. We did not receive adequate rains but we have enough maize. We once experienced fuel challenges, cooking oil and wheat. We have addressed the challenge of fuel. On the issue of wheat… I traveled to Russia and we have secured enough…some of the ships are already at Beira port. On the issue of cooking oil, we are told prices have gone up and we are going to address that,”

1440: “Your chairman told you about the story about a woman giving birth, so we need to be resilient. Those who had colonised us are not relenting. They are sponsoring some elements in the opposition to destabilise the country. As Zanu-PF we want to develop our country
. We want unity with our chiefs and village heads preaching peace we will prosper . No one will die because of hunger. We have enough maize,”

1437: “The party that preaches peace is Zanu-PF. The party that has the interests of the people is Zanu-PF. But if you have the demon of legion ah what do you want from the Christians? I have been briefed that Mwenezi since 1980 never disappointed us. Even the Presidential vote here was impressive. In other constituencies MPs have more votes than the President. I won’t mention those constituencies but those with ears have heard,”

1434: “Its unfortunate that I fulfilled that after her departure but I am sure wherever she is, she is happy. Here in Masvingo you are a one party province. In last year’s elections you got 25 out of 26 seats. You only lost one seat on Masvingo urban. Towns have always been problematic but in 2023 the opposition beware we are coming. The ruling party in Zimbabwe is Zanu-PF. The party that liberated Zimbabwe is Zanu-PF,”

1432: “I see those who write papers are saying this is a thank you rally, no it’s a meet the people rally. We will continue to meet the people
. Our MPs have already thanked you in my name. I failed to come here in August 2017 after I was poisoned. I had been invited by the late Cde Mahofa,”

1430: “Before I go further, our flag is at half mast… We lost our chairman in Bulawayo Cde Ndlovu and we have accorded him national hero status. I also came with VP Mohadi only, VP Chiwenga is not feeling well. Our chairwoman Mai Muchinguri has gone for her routine check up after the Bulawayo bombing,”

1424: President Mnangagwa takes to the podium.

“Pamberi neZanu PF… Negwara remusangano… Masvingo hoyeeeee… Mwenezi hoyeeeee… Pamberi nekubatana…. Viva Zanu PF…. Masvingo hoyeeeee…. Mwenezi hoyeeeee…. Pasi nemhandu….. Pamberi nekubatana…. Pameberi neZanu PF…. Pasi nemhandu…..thank you!,”

President Mnangagwa arrives

1418: “At independence he was appointed minister of State Security. He became Minister Finance and Local Government at one point
. As his young brother I also traveled the same route. I was arrested during the liberation struggle and I was also an MP since 1985
…The irony of it he was State Security minister I was State Minister, he was Defence minister and I was Defence minister, he was VP and I am now VP so you where this is going? But I won’t push him out, achandisiira,”

1416: “He was deployed here to commit acts of sabotage and he was later arrested. He was sentenced to death but it was realised that he was under age. Some of his colleagues the likes of Cde Makambobudirei was hanged. In prison he was condemned to D class. After serving his prison term he was deported to Zambia,”

1412: VP Mohadi takes to the podium. Cde Mohadi salutes the President and all Politburo members.

“I have been asked to introduce you your Excellency and I don’t know where to start. I see some standing up to give me a script ‘handidi’.
The people of Mwenezi our guest of honour you know him….he is your son from Chivi but he has relocated to Midlands. His father relocated in the late 50s to Zambia. He joned the liberation struggle in the 60s. His first training was in Egypt before he went to China,”

1409: Cde Rugeje gives a detailed history of VP Mohadi starting from the days he joined the liberation struggle. VP Mohadi worked in Government and party serving in various capacities. Cde Rugeje now calls VP Mohadi to introduce the guest of honour and President of the Republic.

1408: Cde Mabel Chinomona takes to the podium to do a slogan on behalf of those who accompanied President Mnangagwa.

1401: “Pamberi neZanu-PF! Masvingo hoyeeeee! Tinotenda. Pamusoroi your Excellency the President of the Republic and First Secretary of our Party Cde ED Mnangagwa. I requested from HE to introduce those who accompanied him. We have leaders in various Government departments and party leadership from various organs,”

1400: National Commissar Cde Rugeje takes to the podium.

1359: Cde Chadzamira annouces that the President has come with 90 tonnes of rice and 120 tonnes of maize.

1358: “Rutenga is going to develop into a town and we thank you Cde President for that. We are united here as a province Cde President. Zvakaita zvakanaka Murambwi,”

1355: “We want to thank you for the Presidential inputs although rains were not good but we appreciate your love,”

1349: In agriculture, he says the province has several dams. He says the province boasts of vast arable land and there are no evictions of people. In the tourism sector the province has Gonarezhou national park and Save valley among others.

“We will remain united as a province. We thank you Cde President for your programmes such as command agriculture and command fisheries. The programs are not benefiting people because of some bureaucratic civil servants,”

1347: Cde Chadzamira says Masvingo did not take part in the illegal shut down that led to destruction of property in other parts of the country. He says there is no factionalism in Masvingo. He says Masvingo respects the December conference resolution starting with the endorsement of Cde Mnangagwa. He says Masvingo is endowed with various natural resources including diamond, chrome and lithium among others.

1345: He says Masvingo was the first to say “kumagumo kune nyaya” before others knew the meaning of that statement. He said that statement was followed by the ice cream saga and operation restore legacy. He says the huge turnout was a show of unconditional support despite of the challenges facing the country.

1342: She calls provincial chairman and State Minister Cde Ezra Chadzamira to the podium to give his welcome remarks. Cde Chadzamira kicks off with ED pfeee slogan. He says today is a big day for Masvingo Province as they welcome the President. He says the President comes on the back of peaceful elections that Zanu PF won resoundingly. He described the province as a one party province.

1337: Deputy national commissar Cde Omega Hungwe takes to the podium to make introductions.

1300: VP Mohadi is also present.

1252: President Mnangagwa has arrived at Rutenga Business Centre and goes into a briefing.

Party supporters have come in their numbers

1054: Several Politburo members including Cdes Josiah Hungwe, Mabel Chinomona, Jacob Mudenda, Mike Bimha and Engelbert Rugeje have already arrived.

1045: All is set for the third leg of President Mnangagwa’s “Thank You” rallies at Rutenga Business Centre in Mwenezi District, Masvingo province.


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