LIVE UPDATES: Mugabe and Grace At Chinhoyi Rally

LIVE UPDATES: Mugabe and Grace At Chinhoyi Rally

Source: LIVE UPDATES: Mugabe and Grace At Chinhoyi Rally | ZimEye July 29, 2017

16:00 – President Mugabe says government came up with programs to assist farmers. He says those with plenty water are working with government under the command agriculture scheme whereas subsistence and communal farmers are assisted under the Presidential Inputs scheme.

He says the two schemes have yielded tremendous results this season. He has called on farmers to consider the possibility of farming crops like cassava, sweet potatoes and rice among others that are found in East Africa.

President Mugabe has also called on farmers to venture into cattle ranching adding that people must shed the notion that raring cattle is an old age thing.


16:03 – He says we are blessed with plenty wildlife and because those entrusted with taking care of them are saying they are now too many, we have considered the possibility of exporting. However, he says, only those that are in abundance will be exported.

16:06 – Responding to the request by Hamandishe and Zhuwao, President Mugabe has ordered the reinstatement of fired youth officers.

16:07 – “The request to fire 2000 youth officers, so I am told, never came to Cabinet. Whether it is the Minister of Finance, or Labour and Social Welfare, I say stop it.”

16:11 –  In conclusion, President Mugabe  implores party members to carry forward the Zanu-PF legacy.


16:16 – Before calling on MAshonaland West chairperson Chengeta, to give vote of thanks, Chipanga announces that ZIFA President, Phillip Chiyangwa has pledged US$ 50 000 and soccer balls to be shared among provinces.

Chengeta thanks the first family for making time to visit Mashonaland  ”Best”.

16:18 – He announces that party members from the province have donated 40 beasts to His Excellency President Mugabe. To Amai Mugabe, he says 200 tonnes of maize has been donated as well.

16:19 – President Mugabe waves goodbye to party supporters gathered here.

15:54 – The President challenges Zimbabwe to consider farming rice and other crops produced in North and East Africa such as cassava.

15:53 –  He confirms that the Presidential Input Scheme will continue especially to benefit communal farmers in the rural areas.

15:52 – President Mugabe speaks of the Command Agriculture Programme, highlighting the need for the government to build more silos in the future as the current ones are getting full after a bumper harvest this year.

15:45 – He says he understands that there are some people who want to become presidents also. “Yes its there even in opposition parties like [Morgan] Tsvangirai’s MDC. I am still here and want to see people united and see if the situation ripe [before I say goodbye]. I know some say we no longer want a Zezuru leader, others say we want others from Matabeleland, Midlands, Manicaland and so on. But this is a sign that you are divided.”

15:42 “Of course, I get ailments here and there, like every one else. But I am strong. Recently, doctors were shocked that I have bones so strong. I just said its the Lord. I thank God for keeping me strong for so long,” he says.

15:42 –  On his life, President thanks God for giving him long life, adding that there are some saying “the President is dying, i am not dying. I pray that God continues to give me life.

15:37 – President Mugabe reiterates calls for unity saying, “To leaders whom we are working with in government, you must realise that what made us succeed was the aspect of unity. Unity means we are together in mind, we are together in the way we operate, it means we should speak in one language, avoid speaking bad about each other, gossiping, plotting and counter plotting against each other,” says President Mugabe.

15:30 – He says the black farmers would not do this only if they could remember how the land distribution and compensation stalled the Lancaster House talks in 1979 and how Britain reneged on its pledge to compensate white farmers whose farms would be taken for redistribution by the Zimbabwean government later on.

15:23 –  The President warns farmers against being colonised again indirectly by white farmers whom they are accommodating in their farms.

15:19 – Pres Mugabe: “We believe that this country belongs to us, we are sovereign now but how come that some of us in the farms have allowed whites to come back and plunder our resources? Ko matadza kurima? What are you doing, is that being clever?”

15:14 – He says it is important to honour the gallant sons of the soil, who fought to liberate this country just like what the government has done through setting up the National Heroes Acre. “This is how all governments are run. We respect our defense forces, especially those who are at the top,” he adds.

14:59 – He recounts the bombing of seven gallant sons of Zimbabwe at Chinhoyi saying the incident inspired others to fight harder and endure persecution by detentions.

14:58 – President Mugabe speaks on the importance of unity during the liberation struggle. He says they (ZANU and ZAPU) went to the Lancaster House talks united under the banner of PF (Patriotic Front).

14:47 – Mugabe goes down memory lane, chronicling how the protracted liberation struggle was won, saying it was a lengthy war because initially the white had guns while the blacks were not well equipped.

14:43 – “Revolution is a continuous process and not a one day event,” says Mugabe.

14:38 –  President starts by thanking the Youth League for showing the greatest degree of organisation and unity.

14:30 – Chipanga hands over to the first family, a portrait of President Mugabe and her mother, Mbuya Bona, before requesting the main man to address the interface.

14:22 – She ends her speech by saying although she has a lot to says, she has to stop here for now but people must watch the space until the next rally.

14:18 – The First Lady speaks on succession, saying ‘President Mugabe is still with us,’ and that ‘when time comes’ that he is leaving office, he will have to bless a successor. “Without his blessing, you cannot be President of this country.”

14:22 – She ends her speech by saying although she has a lot to says, she has to stop here for now but people must watch the space until the next rally.

14:18 – The First Lady speaks on succession, saying ‘President Mugabe is still with us,’ and that ‘when time comes’ that he is leaving office, he will have to bless a successor. “Without his blessing, you cannot be President of this country.”

14:13 – On the Permanent Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Mr George Charamba, Mugabe says: “I respect  you as a prolific writer, I knew you when you were still not what you are today and when I was not yet what I am now. You are the Presidential Spokesperson and what we don’t want is to see articles in the newspapers targeted at particular individuals. George iwe uripasi pema minister, hauna right yekupindurana nema minister. Kana vataura newe, go to the President and tell him.”

14: 07 – Mugabe says after demonstrations against Sarah Mahoka and Eunice Sandi Moyo, there were more demonstrations against National Political Commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere. No one has the right to remove a person appointed by the President. We have been queit for a long time. Varume kana musingawirirani, garai pasi mutaurirane.

14:06 – Mugabe says she is a mother and will always offer counsel as a mother. She says at one time, she received a call asking her to join in street marches to remove Vice President Mnangagwa and ‘I told him (VP Mnangagwa). I felt that participating in such marches is an insult to the President. If anyone feels they are not happy with what is being done by the a person appointed by the President, just like the Vice Presidents, they must approach the President.

14:02 –  She says Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko serve at the pleasure of the President, and that ‘we must just concentrate on our jobs. What matters is what we do in the absence of the President.

14:01 -She salutes the organisation by the Youth League, saying of all the interfaces staged so far, this is the best in terms of attendance.

14:00 – The First Lady, Grace Mugabe takes to the podium.

13:56 – Chipanga gives a Biblical analogue, saying during the famous Triumphant Entry in the new Testament, a red carpet was for Jesus and not for the donkey, warning that all party members are ‘donkeys,’ who should not expect to be given a red carpet treatment when they are not rallying behind President Mugabe.

13:47 – On succession, Chipanga says in the event that Mugabe decides to appoint a successor, the Youth League will support the anointed successor.

13:45 – Chipanga slams factionalism in the party, saying youths are not in anyway part of it and that no one can in anyway claim ownership of the Youth League.

13:43 –  He says: “Youth League belongs to two people only that is you President Mugabe and the First Lady. Tinofamba takaberekwa kumusana wamai Mugabe.”

13:40 – He slams the abuse of social media by even the elderly, among them Victor Matemadanda.

13:38 – Youths must contest in all political positions except for the post of President. The only person allowed to have a soft landing is you President Mugabe. Vamwe vose ipota nekoko tisangane.

13:37 –  Chipanga calls on the consideration of youths for appointment in boards of parastatals.

13:36 – He calls for the establishment of a polytechnic, a teachers’ and many vocational training centres in the province.

13:35 – “The youths have been asked to put their issues to President Mugabe in writing and I will only highlight a few here,” he says.

13:34 – He says “We are halfway through these rallies as this is the fifth rally.” He confirms that Harare will be the last province to host President Mugabe.

13:33 –  Chipanga takes to the podium to address delegates.

13:22 – Chipanga asks Vice Presidents: Phelekezela Mphoko and Emmerson Mnangagwa to great the gathering.

13:16 –  Zanu PF Secretary for Youth Affairs, Kudzanayi Chipanga introduces Politburo members present and Ignatius Chombo chants the party’s slogans.

13:05 –  Time for introductions of Zanu PF Mash West provincial leadership.

13:01 – Zanu PF National Youth Commissar, Innocent Hamandishe, is the Master of Ceremonies (MC).

12:57 – Everyone in up on feet for the singing of the National Anthem.

12:37 – President Mugabe arrives and moves around the CUT grounds greeting thousands of party supporters aboard an open ZRP truck. With the song: ‘Jongwe Rinotonga Rimwechete,’ sounding, Mugabe is actually waving the Zimbabwean flag in the company of the First Lady, Grace Mugabe and Zanu PF Youth League leader, Kudzanayi Chipanga.

12:34 – We are now live on ZBC TV to bring you the 5th Presidential Youth Interface rally in Chinhoyi.

12:19 – President Mugabe officially opens the information centre.


President Mugabe is in his home province of Mashonaland Central today where he is due to address another massive crowd of Zanu-PF supporters, mainly youths in the fifth leg of the nationwide Presidential Youth Interface Rallies being organized by the revolutionary party’s Youth League. The historical event takes place at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT)
campus grounds. The Herald takes you through the proceedings, live from CUT, Chinhoyi.

12:49 – President Mugabe has arrived at the venue and the crowd thunders in cheers. As he moves in the midst of the thousands gathered here, he waves his trademark clenched fist while the song Jongwe accompanies.

13:04 – As the first secretary of the ruling party moves to take his seat, senior party officials seated in the VVIP tent rise to welcome him.

13:07 – National Anthem being sung to mark the beginning of official proceedings here in Chinhoyi

13:11 – Director of Ceremonies, Youth League Political Commissar, Innocent Hamandishe invites Mashonaland West Youth Chair, Rupiya to introduce those who worked with him in organising today’s rally.

13:20 – Hamandishe requests Ministers Professor Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao to make slogans. Zhuwao denounces those who are firing young people from work.

Hamandishe says there are officials who want to fire youth officers and appeals to President Mugabe to protect young people.

13:24 – Secretary for Youth Affairs, Kudzanai Chipanga introduces Politburo members before asking Secretary for Administration, Chombo to make a slogan on their behalf.
13:28 – Chipanga has requested the two Vice Presidents to make slogans as a way of greeting party supporters congregated here.

13:37 – Secretary for Youth affairs takes to the podium to give his remarks. He starts with salutations recognising the presence of various dignitaries. He says the thousands gathered here are intent on meeting President Mugabe and the First Lady.

“This is our fifth interface rally Mr President and numbers keep on rising adding that Harare will be the last to host,” says Chipanga.
13:50 – Chipanga appeals to President Mugabe to craft special input programs for the youths. The Secretary for Youth Affairs says the youth wing stands guided by the First Lady and as such they are sternly opposed to factionalism.

13:55 – Youths have called for the renaming of Harare International Airport after President Robert Mugabe adding that if their request is not met, those in charge must not bother attending next year’s 21st February Movement to be held in Nyanga, Manicaland.

13:59 – Chipanga says as youths, they have also been calling for a holiday to honour and recognise the birth of President Mugabe but up to today, nothing has been done. He says those in charge of declaring holidays, if they do not meet young people’s requests, they must not bother travelling to Nyanga too.

14:02 – Recalling the biblical story if Adonijah which Amai Mugabe recently made reference to, Chipanga tells another story. He narrates the story about a donkey which was used by Jesus Christ and ended up celebrating thinking it too was loved by the people.

14:07 – ”It never occured to the donkey that it was carrying Jesus. It just got excited. When it went back to where it stayed, it felt people there did not like it. It therefore traveled back alone and got the shock of its life as the people there chased it way, beating it up.”