Madhuku’s #POLAD ‘gift’: Zimbabweans respond 

Source: Madhuku’s #POLAD ‘gift’: Zimbabweans respond – NewsDay Zimbabwe

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Zimbabweans across the divide have castigated President Emmerson Mnangagwa after he donated cars to 19 #POLAD members. Many have expressed displeasure over misplaced priorities and are of the view that there are more pressing issues that need resources and financing hence vehicles for #POLAD members are not any close to priority issues in the country but a waste of tax payers’ money. Below are some of the discussions by Zimbabwean on the micro-blogging site, Twitter:





















































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    Kalulu 1 year ago

    This is hardly surprising given the constant availability of the good law professor in championing  the cause of the state and ruling party as well as connected persons to the state against opposition cadres and their political parties in court procedures.  This shows his inclination towards the ruling party and it is within his rights to do so therefore, this appears to be a  reward for his sterling work.