Mahusekwa-Landas Road rehab excites travellers, motorists

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Mahusekwa-Landas Road rehab excites travellers, motorists 
Minister Mhona said the Government was committed to ensuring that all roads were usable. 

Victor Maphosa-Mash East Bureau

Plans to upgrade the Mahusekwa-Landas Road are at an advanced stage, with the contractor now identified and expected to start work soon, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Felix Mhona, has said.

The road reduces the distance travelled by people from Harare to Mahusekwa Growth Point, through Landas Business Centre. 

It is critical for economic activities across Marondera District, and the entire Mashonaland East Province. 

Presently, the road is in bad shape, and motorists and commuters have been appealing for its upgrade. 

So bad is the road such that when motorists are nearing Mahusekwa Growth Point, some of them would leave the road and use detour-like paths that pass through village gardens, to avoid huge potholes on the main road. 

But with the Government announcing that the upgrade of the Mahusekwa-Landas Road will be commencing soon, travellers and motorists have hailed the decision. 

Mr Tatandara Simbarashe, a kombi driver, said: “As you can see, this road is too narrow for two vehicles to pass each other. We are having breakdowns because of the state of this road and have been always appealing to authorities to upgrade it, but now we are happy that our prayers were heard. 

“As motorists, we welcome this decision by the Government and we pray that works would start as soon as possible before the rainy season so that the road becomes usable.” 

Another motorist, Mr Kingston Muimbi, thanked the Second Republic for walking the talk. 

“We never thought that this road would be upgraded, and clearly, we were wrong. Our leaders walk the talk and fulfil their promises. I can imagine driving on a wide and smooth road without potholes heading for my rural home in Mahusekwa; this was always my dream, which is about to become real. 

“We thank the Government and President Mnangagwa for making sure roads are being spruced up,” he said. 

A Landas Growth Point resident, Ms Portia Gwaze, appealed to authorities to ensure that road works are done as soon as possible. 

“Upgrading of this road means a lot to us from this side. We will see competition by public transporters and bus fares will come down, while service delivery will improve. My wish is for the road works to commence as soon as possible,” she said. 

Minister Mhona, who was accompanied by engineers from his Ministry, said the Government was committed to ensuring that all roads were usable. 

“We have seen that this road leads to Mahusekwa where there is a very important hospital, as you know, and we are also saying this road will decongest Harare. If one is going to Mutare, Marondera or Hwedza from this side, there is no need to pass through Harare city centre, but one has to use this road. 

“People have been talking about this road for years and how important it is to surrounding communities, so we need to make sure that the road is upgraded and usable, this section will be done by Tensor Systems and they will be doing 5km first as soon as possible. 

“I know there is a damaged section near Mahusekwa, we will also work on that one to make sure it is usable. This section will then join the Hwedza-Mushandirapamwe stretch, which is being upgraded. So the Government is not just talking, it is also walking the talk,” he said. ZANU PF Politburo member Cde Sydney Sekeramayi, a regular user of the Mahusekwa-Landas Road, said the move to upgrade the road was a step in the right direction, which will boost economic activities in the province.

“We are happy that there is a commitment on the part of the responsible Ministry in terms of the upgrade of this road. We are facing a lot of challenges on this road, some parts of it are now just gravel and the stretch is also narrow.

“This is an important road, we have farmers from Marondera and some parts of Mashonaland East Province who use this road. So it is an important road economically.  

“So the support from the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development is critical,” said Cde Sekeramayi. 

Marondera West Constituency Cde Godwin Tavaziva thanked the Government for its commitment. “This is a narrow road and is a danger to the commuting public. We have been engaging the responsible ministry and we are happy that they heard us. 

“Many thanks to President Mnangagwa for his commitment to ensuring that people’s lives are improved,” he said.