Makoto an international master

via MAKOTO NOW AN INTERNATIONAL MASTER | The Zimbabwean by Victor Chimbamu 13.09.13

Rodwell Makoto is now officially an International Master. He finally got his Title. He was very elated by the good news. Makoto started his chess in Mabvuku when he was 11 years old and he showed a lot of potential from there.

He became a National Scholars chess champion, National Champion and has won several tournaments in South Africa since relocating there. The most prestigious tourney he won was last year’s CommonWealth South African Open, where he competed against some Grandmasters of repute.

He was also among the country’s best sports persons for last year at a colourful ceremony held at Sheraton Hotel. Makoto earned his final IM norm in Botswana where Gillian won the ticket to go to the World Cup and he came second.

Meanwhile on the local scene in the Schools chess league, players are advised that there will be a double round fixture at Prince Edward School on 21 September starting at 8 am.