Malaria outbreak hits Chimanimani

Source: Malaria outbreak hits Chimanimani | The Herald September 13, 2019

Malaria outbreak hits Chimanimani

Paidamoyo Chipunza in Chimanimani
A malaria outbreak has hit Muchadziya Village in Chimanimani, with nearly 200 cases recorded since March this year.

Speaking to journalists during a tour co-organised by Ministry of Health and Child Care and the World Health Organisation to assess progress towards recovery efforts from effects of Cyclone Idai in worst-hit areas, Muchadziya Clinic nurse-in-charge Mr Tatenda Zuze said malaria continued to top the list of diseases that burden the institution, with a majority of cases coming from neighbouring Mozambique.

“Currently, we are experiencing an outbreak of malaria, and most of the cases are of people coming from Mozambique,” said Mr Zuze.

He said of the cases recorded since the cyclone, 137 cases were from Mozambique, while 74 were from Zimbabwe.

Mr Zuze attributed the increased cases of malaria from Mozambique to inadequate prevention efforts across the border.

He said while across Zimbabwe, Government distributed mosquito nets and sprayed homes against malaria parasites, the efforts were not complemented across the border, resulting in the continued outbreaks.

“Mozambique is just across the river,” said Mr Zuze. “Our people go there frequently and they also come here frequently. In addition, if the outbreak is not contained that side, we will continue to also have cases this side. Sadly, cases from that side still come here for treatment.”

Mr Zuze said there was need for responsible authorities from both countries to engage each other on how they can collaborate to mitigate the situation as it strains available resources.