Malawi court sets extradition hearing for the Bushiris for March

Source: Malawi court sets extradition hearing for the Bushiris for March – NewsDay Zimbabwe

JOHANNESBURG – The Lilongwe Magistrates Court in Malawi has ordered that the formal hearing of the extradition process for self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary will begin in March.

The couple appeared in court on Wednesday after the Malawian government returned to the court, seeking a warrant of arrest for the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church leader as part of the beginning their extradition process.

The couple fled from South Africa after their release on bail of R200,000 each in November.

It’s understood Malawi’s director of public prosecution Steve Kayuni told the court that the State received extradition requests for the couple from the South African government.

The court ruled that the couple should not be re-arrested but should continue appearing in court until their hearing on the matter, which is set for 8 March.

The pair – who faces charges of theft, fraud and money laundering – skipped bail in November last year – fleeing to their home country after claiming they would not receive a fair trial here. – eye witness news



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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 year ago

    The Bushiris will have paid each Malawi minister USD 100 and they wont be going back to RSA to stand trial for fraud and theft. Beware of people brandishing the Bible comrades.
    Often they are bigger thieves than any bad type in the old book.