Malawi Denies Jonathan Moyo Asylum Rumour 

Source: Malawi Denies Jonathan Moyo Asylum Rumour | ZimEye

Malawi government has dismissed reports that it has granted political asylum to ‘fugitive’ professor Jonathan Moyo.

A Malawaian publication have claimed that the man is currently in Malawi.

But the Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi has dismissed as “fake” reports that Moyo is in Malawi.

ZimEye earlier on also exposed that the Malawian publication is in fact based in the United Kingdom.

“He is not here in Malawi [and] there has been no granting of political asylum,” Dausi said.

Jonathan Moyo whose whereabouts are unknown surprised many when he appeared on British television programme HardTalk on early this morning, but refused to disclose his whereabouts fearing for his safety.

Speaking on BBC’s Hardtalk programme, Moyo said he was not a fugitive because he left Zimbabwe legally and there was no warrant of arrest against him at the time.

“I left Zimbabwe with the help of people who to me are angels because they saved lives,” Moyo said. “I escaped the net of the military people to be where I am legally.”

“I ran away from a death warrant – an unlawful attack on my house,” Moyo said.

He said the only charges against him were “political” and that these wouldn’t be of interest to Interpol, the global police agency.

Jonathan Moyo was regarded as the brains behind the G40 faction that orchestrated Mnangagwa’s expulsion from ZANU PF in attempt to block his presidential bid.