Man faces $3million fraud charges 

Source: Man faces $3million fraud charges | The Herald

Man faces $3million fraud charges

Yeukai Karengezeka Court Correspondent

A Harare man lost $3 million after he was duped to believe that he was transferring the amount to a relative of his friend who wanted to give him United States dollars in exchange .

Edmore Muloki (31) and his accomplice Daisy Hazvinavarwi who is still at large pretended to be the grandmother of the complainant’s colleague who was looking for RTGS to buy some groceries.

Muloki, who is being represented by Mr Trust Chivale of Kwiriri Law Chambers appeared before Harare Magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi charged with fraud.

Prosecuting, Mr Pardon Dziva consented to bail on condition that Muloki did not resist arrest and was of fixed aboard.

Mr Chivale also added that Hazvinavarwi was the main actor and his client was only a victim of circumstances.

He was granted $250 000 bail and will be back in court on May 10.

The complainant in this matter is Herbet Chakurere.

Mr Dziva alleged that on November 7 last year, Muloki and Hazvinavarwi, contacted Tawanda Chakacha using an Econet line number and identified herself as the grandmother to Tawanda Chakacha’s wife.

Chakacha, having been called by his child’s name believed that it was his wife’s grandmother.

The two then told Chakacha that she was looking for Zimbabwean dollars urgently in exchange for United States dollars (USD) in cash to buy groceries.

Since he did not have the RTGS, he contacted his workmate Herbet Chakurere to find out if he had some Zimbabwean dollars.

He then shared the contact details of Chakurere with Hazvinavarwi.

Moments later, she contacted Chakurere and indicated that she was looking for Zimbabwean dollars in exchange of US$3 912.00 for her to buy some groceries.

Chakurere, believing that Hazvinavarwi was Chakacha’s grandmother sought to help her.

Although he did not have money in his account, his brother Paul Chakurere had the amount in one of his bank accounts.

The court also heard that Hazvinavarwi then forwarded details of an NMB bank account number, which she indicated was in the name of Muloki, to do a bank transfer of $3 200 000 into the account.

Paul transferred the amount from ZADA Granite Company account to NMB account 231782141.

Herbert then forwarded the proof of payment to Chakacha.

After receiving the money, Hazvinavarwi became evasive until she was unreachable.

Since Chakacha thought it was his wife’s grandmother, he tried to contact her on the mobile number that he already had but only to realize that it was not to her that had called him.

Investigations have since revealed that Hazvinavarwi was working in connivance with Muloki.

After receiving the $3,2 million, Muloki went on to pay his Nyaradzo life policy of $14 20 and went on to buy Bulk airtime from NetOne worth $3 179 590 on November 8, 2022.

Investigations further revealed that Muloki had recently updated his account so as to be able to transact huge sums and NMB bank had also been investigating his account for suspicious transactions in relation to huge sums of money he was receiving in his account.

The complainant has not recovered anything yet.