Man in court for robbery, rape

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Man in court for robbery, rape

Yeukai Karengezeka

Court Correspondent

A SUSPECTED robber and rapist, Elliot Chibvongodze, who has been targeting women around Harare, yesterday appeared court.

Harare regional magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa remanded Chibvongodze, who is charged with six counts of robbery and six counts of rape, in custody to June 3 for a possible trial date.

The court heard that on January 11 at around 0120 hours, Chibvongodze went to a house in Arcadia, Harare, and opened the complainant’s bedroom.

On realising that there was an intruder in the house, the complainant shouted for help but Chibvongodze, who was holding a spanner, threatened to kill her and ordered her to remain silent.

He allegedly grabbed her throat whilst removing his undergarment.

After being choked, the complainant was raped once without protection.

After the act Chibvongodze went away.

On another count in Braeside, Harare, Chibvongodze went to the complainant’s house and broke the dining room door to gain entrance into the house. He met the complainant inside and threatened her with a knife, ordering her to remain silent.

He ordered the complainant to sit down demanding money and further instructed her to open the bedroom door which was locked and she complied.

They got inside and he searched for money and stole US$6, which was in a purse. Chibvongodze further ordered the complainant to remove her clothes and raped her.

The complainant screamed for help as she was being raped but the accused person threatened to stab her with a knife.

After the act, he advised the complainant not to tell anyone to avoid the risk of losing her marriage.

Chibvongodze also stole the complainant’s cellphone.

On another charge, on February 23, at around 0200 hours, Chibvongodze went to another house in Braeside, where he got into the complainant’s bedroom through the window.

He ordered the complainant to remain silent and to stand at the corner of the room.

He ransacked the whole room demanding money and stole US$6 which was in a leather jacket and a Huawei Y9 cellphone, which was on the couch.

Chibvongodze also raped her once before locking the complainant inside the house, leaving the keys on the door outside. He stole the complainant’s bath towel that was on the washing line and scaled over the precast wall.

Total value stolen is US$66 and nothing was recovered.

On the fourth count, on March 21 at around 2300 hours, Chibvongodze went to a house in Cranborne, Harare, where he opened an unlocked bedroom door to gain entrance into the house.

He was holding a knife and threatened to stab the complainant, who was lying on her bed watching television.

He ordered the complainant to give him her cellphone and demanded money and stole US$50 cash, which was at the back of the cellphone.

He then raped her and locked the complainant in the room from outside and went away.

Total value stolen is US$110 and nothing was recovered.

He used the same modus operandi to attack two other women and would ensure that he locked them inside their homes after robbing and raping them.