Manyame RDC works on Murisa water reticulation system 

Source: Manyame RDC works on Murisa water reticulation system – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE Manyame Rural District Council has embarked on a drive to drill nine boreholes in the Murisa area with the hope of constructing a water reticulation system that will service about 10 000 stands.

Manyame RDC chief executive officer Farirai Guta yesterday told NewsDay Weekender that six boreholes were drilled following a feasibility study that was carried out by a consultant engaged by the council.

“We engaged a consultant who did a feasibility study and established that borehole water can be accessed. Preliminary studies done showed that there can be enough water to service about 10 000 stands. That’s why we targeted nine boreholes, six of which were already drilled. If we are satisfied we will work on the water reticulation system,” Guta said.

“We opted for groundwater after realising that there was no nearby water source. We were supposed to identify dams and have water rights. That’s too expensive for us. We also want to explore the option to use solar systems to draw the water because it’s cheaper than electricity. Once satisfied with the capacity of the boreholes, we will start the actual work of water reticulation.”

Guta said Manyame RDC relocated some people to create space for support services such as water supply systems.

“As you’re aware Murisa is a settlement that we regularised following a government audit. Due to circumstances that were there, government intervened and the most affected villages were urbanised. That gave birth to Murisa.

“It cannot be a location without other support services, and those are some of the challenges encountered when planning a settlement which already has people. We have given alternative stands to people that had been settled right where our water system should pass through.

“People were settled at wetlands, open areas, schools, roads and other areas. There are still some people staying there, but we have managed to give alternative stands to most of them,” Guta said.