Marry Chiwenga ‘s Application To Seek Medical Treatment In SA Dismissed 

High court judge Justice Chikowero has dismissed Marry Chiwenga ‘s application to go and seek for medical treatment in South Africa.

Source: Marry Chiwenga ‘s Application To Seek Medical Treatment In SA Dismissed ⋆ Pindula News

High Court Judge Justice Benjamin Chikowero reportedly dismissed Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa’s application to have her bail conditions reviewed so that she can travel to South Africa for treatment, H Metro reports.

According to the publication, Justice Chikowero dismissed Mubaiwa Chiwenga’s application on the basis that she did not present the court with adequate information to warrant her bail conditions alteration.

The judgment releasing Marry Chiwenga ‘s application reads in part:

Applicant has placed inadequate information before the court to warrant alteration of her bail condition. In the result, the application is dismissed.

She has produced neither medical reports nor other medical records to substantiate her assertion that she had failed to obtain the care that she needs in this country.

I only have Mr Makarawo’s letter, written on November, 6, 2020.So there is that gap in the evidence.  What I have before me by way of Mubaiwa’s application is one sided.

It is true the National Prosecution Authority concedes that she is unwell, it is true also that she needs treatment, but that cannot be the end of the matter.

Indeed papers from her own doctors contain some grey areas. Mr Makarawo first attended to her on November 6, 2020.

He diagnosed her with lymphoedema and recommended that she be treated in South Africa because he believes that there are specialists there. I have already rejected his assertion that there are no lymphoedema specialists in Zimbabwe.

Dr J van Heerden might have been treating Mubaiwa before her arrest on December 4, 2019, but no evidence was placed before me to prove that he or she attended to her since then

Earlier this month, photos of Marry Chiwenga ‘s hands with very large wounds circulated and she drew sympathy from people on social media who speculated that she is being persecuted by her former husband VP Chiwenga.


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    Mapingu 1 year ago

    I think this is a very fair judgement. Particularly when honorable judgement emphasizes need for these “medical tourists” to prove that Zim does not have qualified human resources to treat their special illnesses. Becoz zvavo zvekutiza Pare & other hospitals vachiti munonhuhwa, hamuna mishonga bula bula…. does not hold water. If Drs are their who are specialized enough to treat them them they should also go local like all of us. After all they are same pple who who milk our national resources & smuggle them to SA & abroad vachidada nekuti kana ivo vakanzwa flue (chaiyo not Covid) vano inda kunoraopwa ikoko kwavano chengetera mari dzavo dzekuba.

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    Ndonga 1 year ago

    The real reason was that her caring but sickly husband Constantino used up the whole of the Zimbabwe budget for foreign medical treatment by January 10 2020.

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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 year ago

    Skin lightening creams are very problematic to some people including Comrade Doctor Chiwenga Phd – formerley General Chiwenga of the ZW army. Marry should cease using these creams immediately.