Marry Mubaiwa’s Right Hand Set To Be Amputated

Source: Marry Mubaiwa’s Right Hand Set To Be Amputated – Pindula News

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s former wife, Marry Mubaiwa’s right hand is set to be amputated.

A specialist trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, Dr John Nyahunzvi, recommended amputation for Marry’s right hand above her elbow due to severe sepsis syndrome, non-healing ulcer and chronic osteomyelitis. He said:

I had the pleasure of assessing Marry Mubaws on behalf of my senior colleague Mr Mthethwa. She is 5 weeks post revision surgery for a right humerus shaft re-fracture.

Her current condition is critical life-threatening) and has necessitated hospitalization and stabilisation with a plan for emergent right high above elbow amputation as soon as she is deemed medically stable.

She has severe sepsis secondary to deep infection after revision Surgery to fix a re-fracture of the right humerus shaft against a background of chronic sepsis in her forearm.

Careful inpatient clinical management of her current state is required, and a multidisciplinary team is in attendance.


Marry’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, told the court on Tuesday that her client is in a serious condition and is due for amputation of her right arm, reported The NewsHawks.

The 40-year-old model, who has been denied permission to access treatment outside the country, collapsed at the court on Monday after previous similar collapses


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    Mukanya 2 months ago

    Finally and sadly, this is the conclusion aspired and prayed for by the Judiciary and the Others…!

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    Ukama haugezwi. No matter what in-law is in-law especially when there are children. The children have a mother, they have uncles, nieces, half sisters and so forth. That cannot be wished away. They will grow up and remember everything with a lot of question marks. Those who should have been open minded and helped that refused to acknowledge and believe the dangers posed to limb and life live with it forever and eventually go with it to their own dishonorable graves.