Mavhaire Taunts “Ambitious” Auxilia

Mavhaire Taunts “Ambitious” Auxilia

Source: Mavhaire Taunts “Ambitious” Auxilia | ZimEye

Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo |
Outspoken politician Dzikamai Mavhaire who described former First Lady Grace Mugabe as Marujata(troublesome woman) was at it against at the weekend when he taunted First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa for being too ambitious.

The National People’s Party National Chairperson ruled out a return to Zanu and described Auxillia Mnangagwa as an over zealous and far sighted woman who would soon go wayward like Grace Mugabe.

Mavhaire had NPP supporters in stitches at Chiremwaremwa, ward 3 in Bikita when he gave Auxillia Mnangagwa the nickname Pesvunemago(referring to an ambitious woman).

Mavhaire likened Auxillia Mnangagwa’s behaviour to that of unstable Shona novel character Pesvunemago.

“Pesvunemago will soon give us headaches so let us watch her steps.Let’s not forget what Marujata(referring to Grace Mugabe) did in the past two years.

I do not see anything of national significance in what the First Lady is doing,” argued Mavhaire.


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    What an idiot….

    Has anyone heard of Mahaire going to see how the other ninety nine percent of the population have to survive?
    The first lady actually stood in the queue at Mpilo and witnessed just how badly people are treated. She went to Chikurubi…. Did Grace ever lower herself to visit the women prisoners and see for herself just how bad things have got in there? I wonder if Mavhaire has been there?

    I really think the opposition leaders need to grow up, stop sniping stupidly and appear like they are a viable option to vote for

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      Tatenda 5 months ago

      Michele dont be parochial& a nonentity like Grace Mugabe.You are being subjective in your comment although Auxilia is doing 1.2.3 things in an attempt to promote national interests dont turn down Mr Mavhaire’s argument because i personally dont see the difference between GraceMugabe and Auxilia in fact Auxilia is trying to avoid using the same road with Grace but their personality are almost the same.The only 1st lady who was real mama Sally Mugabe.