Minister demands wetlands explanation

Source: Minister demands wetlands explanation | The Herald

Minister demands wetlands explanation

Minister Moyo

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

HOMESEEKERS in Gweru were allocated residential stands on wetlands by both council and private property development companies and Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo is demanding an explanation.

Speaking recently during a tour of suburbs where houses were flooded in Gweru, Minister Moyo said it was clear that most of the people who were affected were allocated residential stands in wetlands.

“From our tour of the affected areas in Gweru, it was clear that the problem is that those who were affected were located in wetlands, while other land barons just went on to parcel stands in areas which have not been developed.

“It’s really sad and as the ministry we have launched some investigations so we can bring these land barons to book,” he said.

Minister Moyo said his ministry wanted Gweru City Council to give a detailed report on how people were allocated residential stands in wetlands.

“There are some who have not developed their areas, but have proceeded to allocate stands before they swindle home seekers of up to $5 000. We visited some residential areas and we got to a house which was literally dripping water from inside and you then wonder how this residential area was approved. So we want to get to the bottom of it,” he said.

Minister Moyo said he has given Gweru city council up to tomorrow to make a report so that Government can take appropriate action while being guided by the report.

“We want to get to the bottom of it we want these land barons to be brought to the book. The responsible local authority should also be accountable.

“The question is how and why people were allowed to build houses on areas where no physical planning and surveys were done,” he said.

Minister Moyo said in some areas where flooding occurred, the problems were solely centred on poor drainage with no proper storm water drains.

“In some areas, what we discovered was that there were no proper storm drainages. These need to be upgraded to standard so that they can avoid floods. This was the recommendation we gave,” he said.

Areas which were affected by floods in Gweru include Montrose, Tinshel and Ascot.