Minister grilled over measles deaths 

Source: Minister grilled over measles deaths -Newsday Zimbabwe

LAWMAKERS on Wednesday demanded clarification from Health and Child Care deputy minister Sleiman Timios Kwidini on government interventions to curb measles deaths in Hurungwe.

Mashonaland West Proportional Representative Mutsa Murombedzi sought clarification on government policy following the death of at least 35 unvaccinated children in Hurungwe between March and April.


Most of the victims were not vaccinated and were buried secretly because of religious beliefs.

In response, Kwidini said immunisation was mandatory.

“Every child is supposed to be immunised at the age of five,” he said.

“The issue is that we have got some challenges with Christianity or other people who do not believe in that, but it is now mandatory for each and every government stakeholder to encourage and preach the gospel of this immunisation to each and every one to appreciate the efforts made by the government so that everyone is immunised despite their religion.”



Murombedzi further sought elucidation on the deaths among religious sects.

Kwidini said government had done everything possible to make sure each and every child has been immunised.


“A holistic approach has been taken by all ministries including Members of Parliament to go to the ground so that people appreciate what government efforts are and also to make sure each and every child has been immunised through explanations to these leaders because these religious leaders are the ones whom we stay with,” he said.



Child rights groups have lobbied the government to take stern action against apostolic sects defying efforts to vaccinate children from measles, among other diseases.