Minister urges patriotism among youth 

Source: Minister urges patriotism among youth -Newsday Zimbabwe

YOUTH Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training minister, Tinoda Machakaire  has urged youths to actively participate in nation building.

Machakaire was speaking at the International World Youth Festival (WYF) held in Sirius Federal Territory in Sochi, Russia, where he is leading the Zimbabwean youth delegation to the WYF, the world’s largest youth event.

“Our President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) always says, Nyika ino vakwa nevene vayo, meaning that the West will be developed by the Westerners and Russia will be developed by Russians. Zimbabwe will be developed by Zimbabweans. So there is no one who is going to come to Russia and develop Russia,” Machakaire said.

“There is no one who is going to come and talk good about Zimbabwe when you don’t talk good about your country. So our President is always saying you must build your own country, you must love your own land, you must love your own Russia, you have the honour to look after your land.

“So as Zimbabweans we are proud to be Zimbabweans. We love our country, we love our President,” Machakaire said.

The one-week event commenced on March 1 and ends today.

Amina Kubhieva, one of the WYF hosts said she was excited to about the presence of Zimbabwean youths at the global event.

“I am really excited because there are many African delegations, but the Zimbabwean one is one of the biggest ones and I’m really excited by this unity because all of these people came here to this hall to support the honourable minister … I am really excited with this honour, with this patriotism of these fearful people,” Kubhieva said.

The global event attracted over 20 000 delegates, with Zimbabwe being one of the African countries with many attendees.