Ministry begins Covid-19 rules compliance checks

Source: Ministry begins Covid-19 rules compliance checks | The Herald

Ministry begins Covid-19 rules compliance checks
Industry and Commerce Minister Sekai Nzenza is led on a tour of the Twine and Cordage plant by the firm’s production manager Mr Shadreck Muhoni in the Willowvale industrial area in Harare yesterday

Herald Correspondent
The Ministry of Industry and Commerce will be touring industries and companies operating during the lockdown to assess production and compliance with Covid-19 preventive and containment measures.

Industry and Commerce Minister Sekai Nzenza yesterday toured Twine and Cordage (Private) Limited in Southerton, Harare for the exercise.

Founded in 1948, the company, which is into manufacturing of various types of twine for local and international markets has been exempted to operate during the lockdown period.

Twine and Cordage is also known for manufacturing top quality polypropylene baling and thatching twines, industrial sewing twine and shinda crotchet yarns, as well as tobacco twine, which is mainly used for tying and hanging tobacco leaves for curing and bale stitching.

It is also well-known for mass production of ropes, which include poly steel rope, ski rope, mutton cloth and various types of nets.

Because of these services, Twine and Cordage, among other companies, was exempted to do business and has to follow health measures to ensure that the employees are well protected from Covid-19.

Speaking during the tour, Minister Nzenza said her ministry was mandated to ensure an enabling operating environment for industries for production.

She commended Twine and Cordage for adhering to the recommended Covid-19 health measures to ensure that the pandemic is prevented from spreading.

“The Ministry of Industry and Commerce’s key objectives are value addition and beneficiation,” said Minister Nzenza.

“It is our duty to engage with captains of industry and listen to their challenges and see how best we can assist them for better production.

“Today we are here at Twine and Cordage and as a Ministry, we are happy with what is going on. There is massive production of twine and ropes for both local and export markets. The company is putting Zimbabwe right there at the top of the map. T

“They are exporting to Tanzania, Malawi, Canada, Kenya and other countries. It is also important to note that the company is complying with measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“When I walked in here, my temperature was checked, and I was given sanitisers to wash my hands and masks to wear. We were told also to maintain social distancing and this is what is happening.”

Minister Nzenza encouraged all businesses that are operating to adhere to all the recommended measures meant to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Twine and Cordage sales director Mr Salie Khan thanked Government for allowing them to do business during the lockdown period.

For export, Mr Khan said there had been an increase in the demand for their products over the past one month.

“Due to the lockdown across the world, most countries who used to import products from countries like China and Europe decided to look for the same in our region,” he said. “Most of them preferred to do business with us and we are happy that we had a good month in as far as business is concerned.

“We want to thank the Government through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for exempting us during this lockdown period.”

Like all the companies, Mr Khan said Twine and Cordage’s major challenge was lack of foreign currency, saying the company could meet global demand if its availability improved.